Derrick Rose



CLEVELAND, Ohio – A new report details just how much of a bad gamble Adidas took on Derrick Rose after his 2010-2011 NBA MVP campaign.

In 2012, Rose signed a 14-year endorseFOLLOW US ON ment deal with Adidas reportedly worth $185 million. Sports Illustrated’s Jon TWITTER @SFLTIMES this year Wertheim has obtained a copy of Rose’s 40-page contract with the sneaker company and the numbers are staggering.

Rose, who is a backup point guard for the Cavaliers (he’s averaging 10 points per game), will make $11 million as part of an annual retainer for the 2017-2018 NBA season. Wertheim also reports that Rose could also earn up to $6.25 million in royalties and $4.8 million in appearance fees.

Rose’s family and associates are also on Adidas’ payroll with his brother Reggie making $250,000 and best friend Randall Hampton making up to $75,000 as consultants.

Sports Illustrated says Rose’s contract allows for Adidas to reduce pay for missed games and failing to earn All-Star status.

However, Rose can make up that money through promotional duties.

To put all of this in perspective, SI compared Rose’s Adidas contract to that of Washington Wizards star John Wall, who makes less than half of what Rose does in terms of base salary.

Rose now makes just $2.1 million a year from the Cavs, a steep drop from the $20 million he used to make in his prime. But the Adidas deal surely makes up for much of it.