T minus nine days and counting until the new clinic opens. The final push to the finish line could be going better. It is the middle of the night. I am tossing and turning trying to visualize work arounds and solutions to the problems.

I am still having headaches as a result of my concussion. I have a prayer army taking care of that lead by my childhood friend Andy Teague. A problem becomes a blessing.

I was stiffed about $3000.00 dollars in pay by an unscrupulous clinic owner for some shift work. I knew he was a snake and I let him bite me anyway. While I am working on the process of getting my money, the income loss has altered some construction plans to post opening. Since the anterior portion of the clinic won’t be subdivided as planned, the clinic is a more inviting space for the opening week cocktail party. A problem becomes an entertainment solution.

The news of the opening week cocktail party has hit the grapevine. As a result I have people inviting themselves and complaining they have not received an invitation. Hooray! I am popular! A problem becomes a solution to a high school dilemma. But please, if you are not invited don’t crash my party.

The phone companies both land and cellular have not completed the transfer of my business cell phone number to my business land line main number. As a result I am answering and returning calls from potentially new clients instead of calls going to my answering service. A problem becomes a marketing opportunity.

Three major pieces of equipment are delayed or lost in transit. I have done all I can to locate them and expedite their delivery. I will see them when they get there (Thanks Lou Rawls!). A problem becomes a moment of Zen. Namaste y’all. A couple of dog food companies are competing for my business. As a result, they are collectively sending me over 600 pounds of dog food. I have no idea where I am going to store all that product but I will figure something out. A problem of logistics becomes an embarrassment of riches and the realization I will never be hungry again.

Lemons into lemonade. Just a matter of my perspective on situations. Or to paraphrase the Notorious B. I. G., “…the more problems I come across the more solutions I see.”