Fort Lauderdale, Fla. –While some students spent spring break at the beach or relaxing at home, a group of dedicated nursing students volunteered their time to assist patients at Broward Health vaccine sites.

Through a community partnership with Broward College, Nova Southeastern University and Keiser University, Broward Health is leading a coordinated effort to combat COVID-19 and help train the next generation of nurses.

“Our partnership with these three prominent nursing programs has been a tremendous success,” said Charese Crawford, RN, regional manager of clinical education & support services at Broward Health. “I have been very impressed with the caliber of the nursing students. They are not only highly skilled and helpful, but they’ve also shown an incredible amount of dedication and professionalism.”

“HEARING THEIR STORIES” Nearly 150 nursing students were granted a unique learning opportunity and have been receiving hands-on experience, along with invaluable mentorship and training, while fulfilling clinical training hours necessary to graduate.

Jade Stone, from NSU, is among the nursing students on the frontline of vaccine distribution. “It’s so important for us as nursing students to do our part, even during spring break,” said Stone. “I enjoy meeting the patients and hearing their stories. This is an amazing learning opportunity and so gratifying and fulfilling. I grew up with the healthcare industry with my grandparents and mom so for me this is a calling.”

The dedicated nursing students have been in rotation at three of Broward Health’s vaccination sites, one of which includes Inter Miami CF Stadium at Lockhart Park in Fort Lauderdale.


“We are so privileged to be working with these respected nursing programs,” said Cheryl Wild, RN, chief nursing officer, Broward Health North. “When we opened our vaccination sites, we saw a huge opportunity for the nursing students to come in and not only obtain their clinical hours but also assist us in our mission to serve the community.”

At the vaccination sites, students rotate through various stations, from signing patients in, escorting them to the seating areas, administering the vaccine and observing them post-vaccine.

“I love the contact we have with patients and am proud to be part of Broward Health, helping the community receive the vaccine,” said NSU nursing student Alexandra Ruiz. “We are learning so much working closely with physicians and nurses. To think that every vaccine is saving a life is huge. I am so happy to see so many in our community getting the vaccine.”