By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) _ If you want a job, take note. These sectors are on a hiring roll: Health care, business services and hospitality.

Health care alone accounted for more than 20 percent of U.S. job growth in May, adding to the outsized growth the industry has produced over the past year. The health care category includes hospitals, doctors’ offices, dentists, outpatient care centers and home health care companies.

About 14 percent of May’s job growth came from administrative and support services. That job category ranges from secretaries and office temp workers to security guards and janitors.

The leisure and hospitality sector has also been stepping up hiring, a sign that operators of restaurants, hotels and recreational facilities are feeling confident about customer traffic.

Overall, U.S. employers added 280,000 jobs in May. The unemployment rate edged up to 5.5 percent, reflecting an influx of people looking for jobs and not all of them finding work. The gains were widespread, with only one sector _ information _ losing jobs.

Here’s a look at the jobs added or lost in each major industry category:

Industry (change from previous month)                     May-15 Apr-15 Year to date Past 12 months
Construction                                              17,000 35,000      112,000        273,000
Manufacturing                                              7,000      0       34,000        148,000
Retail                                                    31,400 13,300      134,800        314,000
Transportation, warehousing                               13,100 10,800       22,100        146,500
Information (Telecom, publishing)                         -3,000  8,000       16,000         60,000
Financial services                                        13,000  8,000       62,000        160,000
Professional services (Accounting, engineering, temp work)63,000 66,000      237,000        671,000
Education and health                                      74,000 64,000      283,000        592,000
Hotels, restaurants, entertainment                        57,000 10,000      158,000        439,000
Government                                                18,000 15,000       39,000        100,000
Source: Labor Department