SAN DIEGO (AP) _ The University of Southern California said it will seek a restraining order against the University of California, San Diego, after discovering UCSD had frequently accessed an Alzheimer’s research data base.

USC’s statement on Tuesday was the latest skirmish in a lawsuit prompted when prominent Alzheimer’s researcher Paul Aisen and eight of his colleagues left the San Diego school last month to head USC’s Alzheimer’s research institute.

Aisen took with him a $100-million, multicenter study that had been based at and managed by UCSD since 1991, the Los Angeles Times ( ) reported.

Following Aisen’s resignation, UCSD sued USC, claiming it conspired to hijack federal funding, data and employees. The San Diego school also said Aisen and his staff changed computer passwords to deprive the campus of accessing the study.

USC has denied any wrongdoing and said recruitment of prestigious scientists is routine among universities.

Aisen and USC have argued that his new employer now has ownership over the research funds.

As a part of the lawsuit, a San Diego County judge last week ordered USC not to tweak any data involving the Alzheimer’s study.