Time may change me, but I can’t change time. That lyric from the classic David Bowie song echoes through my head frequently these days as I adjust to the new challenges in my life, both personal and professional. As it is with most things, it resonates strongest as I “lay me down to sleep.”  Happenings of the day, fiscal concerns, how my life has changed in the last few months, and thoughts of those whom I love and don’t get to see as frequently as I would like. Among those included in the latter, are my two dogs, Kolohe and Vee Vee.

As things in my personal life went south, I could see it in the dogs. Harmony, or lack thereof has a profound effect on all living things. Stability and their welfare are important so decisions were made with what is best for all involved. As a result of that decision, I don’t see them as often as I would like, but I see them when I can. The funny thing about the situation is I find myself wondering if they understand or are feeling a sense of abandonment. I see this mode of thinking in my clients’ often in practice and am now exhibiting it myself. More about if they are acting the way I want them to than an accurate assessment of their true actions. In truth what I am really assessing are my feelings of loss. Typical human behavior; all about me.

I will miss them checking on me as I prepare for work every morning at the crack of dawn  and the animated greeting I receive upon my evening return, provided it is not past their 9:30 bed time.  The thorough evening inspection I receive as they explore and document every other animal I have seen that day by checking the scent of my clothing. The expression of “I know you are going to share that with me,”  as I indulge in that late night snack I really shouldn’t be having.  The way they pace back and forth between the bed room and the family room to let me know I really should be in bed instead of watching a repeat  of “The Dark Knight” for the umpteenth time. The one thing I will miss the most is the way they sense the day was not so good and without hesitation or expectation of reciprocation, providing love and attention that reaffirms the world is not such a bad place after all and this too shall pass. Unconditional love is such a rare and wonderful thing.

I will have no shortage of dogs and cats to attend to on a daily basis, except on the rare occasion, they won’t be either Kolohe or Vee Vee. Once again it is evident time has changed me and my circumstance while I am unable to change time.

Dr. Pierre B. Bland is a small animal practitioner who offers office and house call appointments to his clients.  His offices are located at 3225 N. Andrews Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and can be reached at 954 673-8579.