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Written by LUCIUS GANTT   
Sunday, 27 May 2012
lucius_gantt_1.jpgOf all of the evidence that has been released in the Trayvon Martin case, none has been debated and scrutinized more than the alleged injuries suffered by George Zimmerman, the shooter.

Photos have surfaced showing Zimmerman with various cuts and bruises on his nose, head and perhaps other places. And, two days after Trayvon was gunned down, Zimmerman’s personal physician claimed Zimmerman had blackened eyes and a broken nose.

Well, we all know the devil is tricky. The devil will make you think the victim is the criminal and the murderous stalker was an innocent bystander in fear of his life.

Well, I don’t trust Zimmerman or his doctor and their medical records that were mysteriously created two days after the horrible shooting.

I trust the video that was made at police headquarters 30 minutes after the murder was committed that did not show any black eyes, broken noses, bloody heads or grass-stained clothing. You tell me: How can you breathe with a broken nose when your mouth is shut? On the video, Zimmerman breathed but spoke little or not at all.

Trayvon never stalked or followed Zimmerman. Trayvon didn’t talk to police about Zimmerman and use suspicious or derogatory and insensitive language. Zimmerman wasn’t standing any ground. Testimony in pre-trial procedures has talked about Zimmerman being a Hispanic who loves little black children. I told you the devil is tricky.     One drop of white blood makes George Zimmerman white.

I know you don’t like for me to write like this but let me explain.

Almost anybody who is not of African descent can walk on the white side should they decide to do so. South Americans, Cubans and even some Asians can pass for white in certain circumstances.

Zimmerman is part and parcel of and has significant access to the white American power structure. He didn’t call the Cuban Bar Association for legal assistance. He didn’t contact the any fraternal organization of Hispanic police officers. He didn’t request help from the Puerto Rican Guardian Angels.

Zimmerman went home for help. He went to the white man.

Zimmerman’s lawyer is white. The prosecutor is white. The bailiff is white. The police officers who arrested him were probably white. And who do you think is sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to Zimmerman’s websites? No, it is not the Fruit of Islam or the New Black Panther Party.

Zimmerman and his lawyers are having fun with the evidence and other aspects of this case. Zimmerman is walking around a free man and the lawyer could get a nice pay day.

But reverse the roles and imagine where Trayvon would be if he had stalked, provoked and murdered George Zimmerman and claimed the killing was in self defense.

Some witnesses say they saw Zimmerman standing over Trayvon with a gun. If those same witnesses had seen a black man standing over a white man with a gun in his hand, the witnesses would not have waited for law enforcers. They would have killed the black man themselves.

Don’t believe the hype about so-called evidence. No juror in his or her right mind should believe that standing your ground means that you can follow someone and kill him.

The Florida devil is a tricky devil.

Lucius Gantt is a consultant based in Tallahassee and author of the book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing. He may be reached at allworldconsultants.net, where you can also like The Gantt Report Facebook page.

Photo: Lucius Gantt

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wrong again
written by Jeely bean, May 30, 2012
you are a cruel racist man look at the facts
Covering up for Saint Trayvon
written by Amanda Wacht, May 28, 2012
Are you obtuse or ignorant? A) Mr. Zimmerman wasn't on neighborhood watch, he was on his way to the store when he spotted 6ft 3in Trayvon Martin scoping out apartments in the rain. (B) Mr. Zimmerman had a concealed weapons carry permit from the state of Florida tht he got to protect his wife from a pit bull(C) he says he was attacked by Trayvon Martin, knocked to the ground and had his head beaten repeatedly against the pavement and (D) he was asked by his neighbors to start the neighborhood watch. Plus, it turns out that Mr. Zimmerman has more black ancestry than our supposed "first black president." SHAZZAM!!
written by w****y, May 28, 2012
our forum is so racially divisive that it won't even display w..h..i..t..e..y as a username. Do you hate whites that much?
What a TOOL!
written by w****y, May 28, 2012
Cheap lies and inflammatory rhetoric don't make you a reporter...just a racist. Why does the race of Zimmerman's lawyer matter? Wasn't a great portion of OJ Simpson's legal team white? Were they racists??? You sir, are a small, petty, evil bigot. God have mercy on your souls.
written by Ascii78, May 28, 2012
"One drop of white blood makes George Zimmerman white. "

Does that mean that all blacks who have received a blood transfusion from a white donor are now white?
written by concerned, May 28, 2012
While we're ignoring facts and invoking Satan, I refuse to believe the author is Lucius Gantt - he sounds like Lucifer Gantt to me because such total racism is evil. I saw a photograph taken immediately after the assault that showed Zimmerman bleeding from the back of his head. Any physician regardless of race can verify that Zimmerman who is less 'white' than 0bama, btw, suffered a broken nose and lacerations when Trayvon Martin attacked him.

Moral of story - don't attack somebody who's packing unless you want to get shot.
One drop of white blood makes George Zimmerman white.
written by Scotty A, May 28, 2012
Well, we all know the devil is tricky.

Yes, you are, Lucius.

Ignorant Lucius
written by Sophia, May 28, 2012
Lucius, you are one of the most ignorant persons that I've ever come across. I truly feel sorry for you.
Seek help
written by Joe, May 28, 2012
Seek help Lucius
You don't know what you are talking about
written by JimB, May 28, 2012
Lucius, which police video do you believe? The one shown by all the TV networks months ago after it was smuggled out of the police station? The one that was made by recording the actual police video from a TV screen in the station house by a hand held iPhone that reduced (filtered) the detail. Or the actual police video recently released when the evidence was made available to the lawyers that clearly shows GZ's wounds on the back of his head? Why the better detail? That version didn't have the glare off the TV screen from the lights in the video room.
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