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Five terrorism suspects extradited from U.K. to United States PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 October 2012

NEW YORK (AP) _ Two men extradited from Britain have pleaded not guilty in a Connecticut court to federal charges that they provided terrorists in Afghanistan and Chechnya with cash, recruits and equipment.

Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan appeared in federal district court in New Haven on Saturday. They are jailed until trial.

Their attorneys declined to comment after the arraignment. If convicted, the men could face life sentences.

They are accused of running websites to recruit for the al-Qaida network, Afghanistan's ousted Taliban regime and Chechen rebels.

They will be tried in Connecticut, where an Internet service provider was allegedly used to run the websites.

The men arrived in the U.S. early Saturday after yearslong extradition fights in England. Three other suspects are to be arraigned Saturday in New York.


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British treachery
written by Junis, October 09, 2012
What do you think the following terrorists have in common?
- Ku Klux Klan
- Stern Gang
- Irgun
- Raymond Davis
- Anders Breivik
- Adolf Hitler
- Tony Blair
- Ariel Sharon
- 9/11 (WTC7, dancing Israelis)
- Eric Prince Blackwater
- Wade Michael Page

Answer: they are WHITE and NOT Muslim.

Google: cbs news U.K. blocks extradition pedophile

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