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Written by Elgin Jones   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012
james--murray.jpgBy ELGIN JONES
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FORT LAUDERDALE- An arbitrator has ordered the reinstatement of a former Broward Sheriff’s Office lieutenant who was fired for allegedly visiting adult websites and downloading sexually explicit materials on his sheriff’s office computer.

“I made him whole,” arbitrator William L. Richard said during an interview today. “They will have to return him to his old job and give him back pay and benefits.”

The Oct. 4 ruling mandates that Lt. Jim Murray be rehired with full back pay, seniority, pension and other benefits. It also requires BSO to remove from Murray’s personnel files all references to the charges to the extent allowable by law, and where they cannot, the ruling must be inserted.

The dollar amount of the ruling has yet to be determined, but it could approach seven figures based on a lieutenant’s $106,000 base annual salary, benefits, pension and the loss of the use of his BSO squad car.

Richard did order a five-day suspension for Murray because he emailed photographs of Capt. Milton Weiner, who works in the Pompano district, to co-workers. Those photographs were taken from a website that Weiner himself had posted online, but they were not explicit or derogatory.

“I did authorize five days suspension without pay and I did that because he did forward these goofy photographs of a co-worker to other co-workers,” Richard said. “That’s what the disciplinary committee had given other employees for doing the same thing, so I only thought it was fair”

Murray could not be reached and his attorney, Mike Braverman, did not respond to questions.

Nonetheless, the investigation was handled by Internal Affairs Sergeant Mary Guess. Murray was a lieutenant in charge of BSO’s Strategic Investigations Division. Among other things, her 2009 investigation concluded he engaged in harassment, visited adult websites while at work and downloaded sexually explicit pictures on his job computer.

The report also accused him of misusing law enforcement databases to spy on co-workers. Her report led to Murray’s suspension in October 2009 and eventual firing three months later in January 2010.

“Those accusations were false,” Richard said. “If he wanted to watch pornography, he didn’t have to visit any sites because investigating that is part of what SID [Strategic Investigations Division] does and their computers are not part of the regular sheriff’s office network.”

His union appealed the termination through an independent arbitrator. Nearly two years later, Murray’s reinstatement has been ordered.

The sheriff’s office has yet to comment on the ruling.

*Pictured above is former Broward Sheriff's Lt. James Murray.

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written by Beth Tonkin, October 15, 2012
AL Lamberti MUST be replaced as the leader of the most corrupt police agency in America. Lamberti is a bad cop.
BSO is corrupt
written by Leo Stringer, October 14, 2012
BSO Sgt. Mary Guess is a stooge for Al Lamberti. She is just as corrupt as the Sheriff.
I agree SET-UP by Al Lamberti
written by Linda Stevens, October 14, 2012
This was definitely a set-up by Al Lamberti. Murray refused to do a tail on BSO officers who refused to support Lamberti's re-election. The corruption runs deep at the BSO.
Set-up by Al Lamberti
written by Joe Bernard, October 14, 2012
BSO Sgt Mary Guess planted pornography on the computer of BSO Lt. Jim Murray on the orders of Sheriff Al Lamberti - This is a set-up.
Congrats LT
written by The Truth, October 11, 2012
We’re looking forward to getting you back and bringing some integrity back to this department. It’s sad when the only integrity that we can find in our leadership is a word on the side of the patrol cars. Everyone knows that the accusations were false and this was an ordered witch hunt. Its ironic the admin behind your wrongful termination has no credibility, honor, or truthfulness; and tries to wrongly go after a man with such an impeccable record. This has made everyone sick and lose complete trust in the Sheriff’s leadership. I bet Al can’t sleep at night after hearing about this.

Even after the Sheriff hearing about this, he continues to permitted this to happen. What’s his interest behind this? And if that guy claims ignorance, then he has lost complete control of his command. Either way, elections are less than a month away and he does not have the support of his employees or community.
Great Win!
written by Guest Who, October 10, 2012
A Great Thing for a great a guy!

Lt, we are all glad for you and will not forget what this sheriff has done to you. Get back soon, Fondo can't cut it. Congratulations and thank you for fighting the good fight against a pathetic administration. Proud to work with you, because you are an ethical leader.
written by Wow, October 10, 2012
Never met the guy in BSO, but d**n he a good looking man. Where was the Sheriff hidding you all those years!!!
Jesus Christ
written by Well Done, October 10, 2012
Who ever the last poster was is right. The lord Jesus Christ will take care of the liars who went after this good man.
Yea I'm so proud to know a great man
written by Marsha, October 10, 2012
Jim I'm so proud to know you and as I always said to you that the lord with show the truth in Justus for you. Keep your eyes always on the lord and keep doing his work you will always be a blessing to everyone.your friend at dr y's office yea yea yea now watch the lords hand now those liars are going to pay. The lord is so sweet
written by Thank-God, October 10, 2012
The arbitrator, Mr. Richard deserves a special thanks for a job well done. I can't wait to read his opinion for the way the Sheriff tried to railroad you lieutenant.
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