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Most dangerous American is an angry white man with a gun PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Dudley   
Friday, 16 August 2013

john-dudley_cc_fc.jpgThe murder of Trayvon Martin touched off a great debate. Much of it has been about Florida’s stand-your-ground law. However, the center of the controversy is race. One of the jurors, who set free George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon, along with many Republicans, Fox News commentators and other citizens, was quick to point to crime statistics among African Americans, specifically black-on-black crime.  Blacks are being portrayed and presumed to be extremely dangerous.

But African Americans see crime differently. They see crime tied to poverty, poor education and drugs and less to do with race.  Naturally, black opinion is consistently ignored but this particular segment of the population knows one thing for sure: The most dangerous American is an angry white man.

Take any angry white man with a semi-automatic weapon, a 100-round clip and no background check and a mass murder is going to take place.  And, usually always, as FBI statistics confirm, it will be white-on-white crime.

You don’t have to look very far to find proof. The angry white kid in Newtown, Conn., first killed his mother, then went to an elementary school and killed 20 children and six teachers.  That angry kid did not live in Chicago, where, pundits are quick to point out, there is a lot of black-on-black crime.  That angry kid didn’t play pro football.  He lived in a practically crime-free neighborhood. He was just angry and he was white.

Just look at Aurora, Colo.  The angry white medical student decided to dress as a cartoon character and shoot 72 people in a movie theater, killing 13.  Political pundits can’t blame the Rev. Al Sharpton, as they do on Fox News. The political pundits did not criticize the skin color of the Aurora killer. Race was never mentioned as the cause or the problem.

Blacks, on the other hand, don’t ask, “Why is there so much white-on-white crime?’  Instead, Blacks ask,  “Why is there so much violent crime and what can we do to stop it?”  African Americans want stronger gun-control laws and background checks.  Blacks also want the hypocrites to stop speaking about crime based on race.

In Tucson, Ariz., another angry white man attempted to assassinate a congresswoman and, in the process, killed six people, including a 9-year-old girl and a U.S. District judge.  He does not live in Chicago.  He is not the child of a single black female.  He is white and he is angry. 

This story line could continue with the mass murder of 198 people in Oklahoma City or the bombing in Atlanta during the Olympics.

There is one thing African Americans know for sure.  There is no one more dangerous than an angry white man with a semi-automatic weapon, a 100-round clip and no background check. Add the stand-your-ground law and there is more to come. 

John Dudley is a model, actor and freelance writer living in Miami  Beach.  He may be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Shamefully Dishonest Racism
written by Law Abiding White Citizen, August 22, 2013
You ignore the vast numbers of black-killed citizens to misdirect the discussion by highlighting a tiny handful of deaths. If black people obeyed the same laws that I have obeyed since my father bought my first gun at age 12yo, there would be zero black on white AND zero black on black deaths. Your increased gun control would have no effect except to increase the advantage of criminals over the law abiding.

I don't know if you are just ignorant or if you are evil, but you are most assuredly at least one of them.
written by DC Sniper, August 21, 2013
Ya'll forgot about me..
Hope you enjoy cooking fries
written by Your new boss, August 20, 2013
Because I am going to be your new boss when your ass gets canned from this writing thing LOL
"John, I don't care if the fry grease is messing with your completion and your modeling gig, make some d**n fries!"

you reap what you sew ya racist douche
written by A White Person, August 17, 2013
Sorry, did not get past the racist headline. Can you imagine a headline that reads " The most dangerous person is a black man with a gun?" All hell would break loose!
writer is a racist idiot
written by therain, August 17, 2013
Yes john dudley, YOU are the racist. You can ignore facts, you can ignore that Zimmerman was acquitted, you can ignore skittle-hoodie guy was a thug, but every comment here agrees that YOU are the RACIST.
written by RabbitRabbit, August 17, 2013
Typical drivel from a liberal racist. Try facts some time. You might not come off so shamelessly ignorant.
written by Barack, August 17, 2013
Seriously, you are a moron of the lowest order. I thought I was a d**k for fabricating my entire personal history. You and Al Sharpton should be ignored forever.
written by Angry Cracker, August 17, 2013
Some Cowboy dresses up in an Obama mask and is fired for life but your allowed to run your racist BS in print and I'm guessing you still have a job. A job which I am sure you achieved totally on merit and were in no way awarded cause your Black. The most dangerous American is an angry black man and an empty bucket of chickensmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif

that in no way was a racist statement.
I went to Iraq for this?
written by Westin Sandberg, August 17, 2013
I will start by saying that I am a United states marine corps veteran, and a veteran of operation Iraqi freedom, and that I am ashamed to find that this is the kind of ignorant, racist, anti-American kind of article that I can look forward to seeing daily after the correct and justified use of deadly force by Mr Zimmerman against Treyvon Martin, and even after his acquittal, I'm graced with such ignoramus. You sir are a bigot, and a race baiter, and I'm glad that the honorable Martin Luther King is not alive to see your inflammatory, deliberate racism.
written by Linda Stewart, August 17, 2013
You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this.
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