The online payday loan industry is exploding in profits mainly because of the predatory nature of the business and fraud, according the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Federal authorities have filed numerous lawsuits against the industry, which gets most of its customers through lead-generating websites. Among the accusations: the companies give loans to people without their consent, and fail to disclose the actual costs to consumers. If federal authorities prevail, it could mean sweeping changes for the payday loan industry in the United States.


Palm Beach County


Savannah UnderwoodADDICTED

Savannah Underwood, 29, of Jupiter is facing charges after allegedly locking her boyfriend inside a hot garage for 45 minutes, until he paid her $200. Police says she admitted having a drug problem. Crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia were also found in her home. The boyfriend was overheated but otherwise unharmed.



Ten adults and one child were captured by Border Patrol agents in Boynton Beach. They were sighted huddled in a small boat entering the Boynton Inlet. There was no indication of which country they may have come from. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies have joined the hunt for others who may have come ashore.


Jeri MuoioPoseidon Resources of Massachusetts is proposing to build a water plant in West Palm Beach to replace the city’s 120-year-old facility. They would also provide water to the city and other surrounding municipalities. Mayor Jeri Muoio and the other council members are mum on the idea so far, but its looks as if privatization of drinking water in West Palm Beach is on the way.



50 CentThree Palm Beach County deputies, whose names were not available, have been disciplined for taking photos with rapper 50 Cent while on duty. They received verbal counseling. 50 Cent had appeared at the courthouse related to a lawsuit and the deputies stopped their work to take photos while posing with him.


Broward County


David BeckhamSOLD!

The Fort Lauderdale Strikers, the professional soccer team few people ever hear about, has been sold to a trio of Brazilian investors. They are education technology moguls Paulo Cesso and Rafael Bertani, and soccer player Alejandro Bedoya.   Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler had appeared at a press conference after meeting with soccer star David Beckham, who is interested in owning a team. Speculation at that time was that Beckham would buy the team.


The first case of Chikungunya fever has been confirmed in Broward County. The Florida Department of Health says the disease has infected thousands of people in Central and South America. There already have been cases in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties. The fever is not fatal, but causes joint pain, headache and rash. Symptoms appear three to seven days after a person has been bitten by mosquitoes.



Brenda SnipesBroward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes is now being compared to the woman she replaced, Miriam Oliphant. Gov. Jeb Bush removed Oliphant from office over so-called incompetence and election mishaps. He tapped Snipes as her replacement.  Under Snipes’ tenure, the office has had its own share of misfires, but now there is a whisper campaign to encourage Snipes not to seek reelection. Stay tuned.



Miami-Dade County



Juan RomanJuan Roman, 57, a retired Miami police officer is facing new child pornography charges. He is accused of molesting a 7-year-old girl in his Biscayne Park home and videotaping the crime. The video was found during a search of his home related to a previous case involving federal child pornography charges.



The Miami branch of RBC Wealth Management bank has closed. The private bank has laid off 155 employees. RBC is refocusing its business model away from international banking toward consumer banking in the United States The international banking industry is crowded with competition.



A student at South Dade Senior High School alleged she was raped. The attack occurred after school and involved an 18-year-old male student who has been arrested. The suspect’s name was not immediately available and no other details were provided. Miami-Dade Schools Police, along with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, are investigating.


Monroe County



A Marathon woman reported being attacked while walking her dog. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says it occurred near Aviation Boulevard and Stirrup Key Road. The victim said she saw a man standing near a stop sign, and then walk into the woods. She became nervous and started walking in the opposite direction. The suspect emerged and pulled her into the woods and attacked her.



Lauren LairdLauren Laird, 25, of Stock Island, refused to stop when pulled over by a police officer. When she finally did stop, the officer found she was not wearing any pants and refused to put any on. She was arrested on charges of DUI and fleeing an officer.