AT&T has purchased Leap Wireless International and its Cricket Wireless brand, which will replace AT&T’s no-contract carrier Aio. T-Mobile CEO John Legure has criticized the industry’s rip-off pricing structures, has abandoned all contracts and declared war by paying the early termination fees of customers who switch to T-Mobile from AT&T or Verizon.

Sprint is expected to unveil more competitive pricing plans any time now. The wireless wars are red hot and Verizon appears to be fading fast, with hoards of customers fleeing its higher prices. Verizon is the nation’s largest wireless company but since the iPhone became available on other carriers and the Samsung phones have taken over the market, Verizon may have to rethink its market strategies. AT&T has, for the first time, added more subscribers than Verizon over the first three months of this year. In response to losing more than 137,000 subscribers during this period, Verizon has quietly unveiled a $60 no-contract plan with limited data which still does not match its competitors’ plans.


U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler has ruled that court-ordered advertising about the dangers of tobacco use must also utilize black-owned media companies. One of the arguments that was made was that tobacco use among blacks is disproportionate to that of other ethnic groups, yet there was no effort to educate blacks through traditional channels. The ruling impacts a 2006 settlement with the U.S. Justice Department by which the nation’s cigarette makers are required to advertise corrective statements that they lied to smokers about the dangers of tobacco products. The ruling is a warning to Gov. Rick Scott, whose Florida Lottery department practices similar discriminatory procurement policies when it comes to doing business with black-owned media and other firms, which is a disgrace!


Palm Beach


Delray Beach will add extra chlorine to its drinking water. The practice is known as “chlorination” and is routinely done to make sure there are no bacteria or pathogens built-up in water pipes. The process is harmless, though the smell of chlorine is present. Those using certain types of medical equipment, such as dialysis machines, should monitor chlorine levels through the end of the process on May 5.


Louis Simon, 50, of Lake Worth and Randall Thomas, 47, of Palm Springs are charged with stealing copper wire from light poles along highways, including Interstate 95 and Florida’s Turnpike. Surveillance cameras recorded people in a white van stealing wire from poles which were later located in a field near Thomas’ home, police said. More than $20,000 worth of copper was also found in the field and another $15,000 worth was inside the van. Records show they sold copper to scrap yards about six times per week over the past year.


Broward County


Joseph Troutman, 63, is in jail after killing his 40-year-old son Tyrone Troutman with a kitchen knife. He served time in prison for stabbing his wife, who was Tyrone’s mother, repeatedly 25 years ago. He joins his younger brother Gary Troutman in the Broward Main Jail. Gary is awaiting trial in the 1994 kidnapping, rape and murder of Angela Savage. That case was solved in 2007 when Gary Troutman’s DNA matched samples taken from the crime scene. Gary also served time in prison for the 1986 murder of 17-year-old Cassandra Scott, whose body was found behind a Deerfield Beach warehouse.


Elisha Greenwood, 36, of Margate has been charged with attempting to lure a 15-year-old girl into his rental car while masturbating. The girl refused and contacted police with descriptions and the car’s tag number, police said. Greenwood has denied the allegation but said he may have been in the area at the time. The authorities are asking anyone with information to call Margate Police at 954-973-7222.

Miami-Dade County


Miami-Dade Police arrested more than 150 people during a cock fighting raid. It happened at a building in the 25400 block of Northwest 12th Avenue. Police said drugs and weapons were confiscated. Property owner Francisco Ruiz Arias, 48, was among those arrested.


U.S. District Judge Donald Graham sentenced stock fraudster Allen Weintraub to nine years and three months in prison. He operated a scheme that sold pre-IPO Facebook stock to unsuspecting

investors just before the official offering. Two victims lost $414,000 and he was ordered to repay them and forfeit $140,280 he had in the bank.

Monroe County


Former Key West police school resource officer Henry Arroyo, 41, was already facing molestation charges related to a girl under 16. Now authorities have also charged him with exposing himself to a then 10-year-old girl four years ago. He faces 15 years to life in prison if convicted on all counts.


Insurance agent Eleanor McAdams has filed to run for the District 2 county commission seat. The Democrat is challenging incumbent Republican Commissioner George Neugent, who is in his fourth term. But Nugent must first get past Danny Coll in the Aug. 4 Republican primary.