MIAMI – Florida Democrats will invest millions in the future of the Sunshine State by engaging its diverse youth to receive training in the art of political elections. The goal is to train college students to deliver election victory to Floridians. The party’s plans to recruit student organizers is just one piece of the larger plan, for victory in 2020. The Florida Democratic Party also announced it will spend $2 million on voter registration, commit to registering 200,000 voters, and work with Andrew Gillum and partner organizations to increase voter registration by a million voters.

Organizing Corps will pay and train students to create a pathway to victory in Florida by creating a new electoral voter registration, and outreach designed to change Florida. Juan Penalosa, executive director of the Florida Democratic Party, and an advisory board member of the Org Corps 2020, called the organizing program “crucial in turning Florida Blue in 2020.” Corps members will be flown to Chicago for a week of training with national experts, and then return to Florida to take part in an 8-week program while receiving a $4,000 stipend.

Students must be Juniors to apply at by the April 8 deadline.