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Staff Report

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The L.A. Lee Family YMCA, the oldest YMCA in Broward County that has served the Fort Lauderdale community for over 70 years with diverse programs for all ages, was awarded $10 million dollars by the City of Fort Lauderdale Northwest-Progresso-Flagler Community Redevelopment Agency (NPFCRA) for the redevelopment of the first Black hospital, the Mizell Center, located at 1409 NW 6 Street in Fort Lauderdale.

The Fort Lauderdale City Commission voted in favor of the redevelopment project on Tuesday, August 22.

Founded in the 1930s by Fort Lauderdale’s first Black surgeon, Dr. Von D. Mizell, the Mizell Center’s revitalization aligns with the NPFCRA’s goals and vision Sistrunk of pursuing the redevelopment of vacant properties, strategically redeveloping large under-utilized sites, and creating and implementing area-wide design guidelines.

The NPFCRA provides a sustainable development plan that has a positive impact on the district and improves the lives of the residents, as well as attracts new visitors and developments to the area.

The YMCA has named the center L.A. Lee YMCA Mizell Center in order to preserve the community and center’s rich history. The YMCA will utilize the new center to expand current programs, engage the community with programs and services that meet their needs, and increase economic development in the community.

The new YMCA’s design is comprised of four floors, which will include: child development and youth zones, an outdoor play zone, a gymnasium, wellness and aerobic space, a theater, and retail and community office spaces, which will increase job creation in the city.

The YMCA’s purpose is to provide programs and services that focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility that result in strengthening the foundations of the community.

For additional information about the NPFCRA, visit www.fortlauderdalecra.com or call 954-828-6130.