Miami Broward Carnival is set to boost South Florida’s economy and tourism through a celebration of Caribbean tradition, culture and business. Sunday, over 15,000 revelers and visitors are expected to head to the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds for the 31st Miami Broward Carnival where they will indulge in masquerade, food, music and dance.

“On its 31st anniversary, Miami Broward Carnival 2015 will be celebrating the diversity of Carnival experiences throughout the Caribbean region in featuring the 60th anniversary of Antigua Carnival and related elements of Carnival culture from the Eastern Caribbean,” said Marlon A. Hill, general counsel, Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee.

The Miami Broward One Carnival Committee is tasked with bringing Caribbean culture to life with the age-old island tradition that is Carnival. Being home to many Caribbean-American residents, Miami seems to be an appropriate location to celebrate the Caribbean celebration. The event is one of the largest cultural festivals in the Southeastern United States and is a tremendous boost to the multicultural tourism in South Florida.

“We are one of the most exciting destinations in the U.S. because of our vast cultural diversity,” says Connie Kinnard, Vice President of Multicultural Tourism and Development Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, (GMCVB), a marketing and promoting agency which represents all of Miami-Dade County.

“Miami Broward Carnival is a perfect event for those who may not be able to travel to the Caribbean but still want to get a taste of Caribbean culture right in their own backyard,” says Kinnard.

Miami Broward Carnival has encouraged multiple tourists from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean to visit Miami. Not only does Miami Carnival promote Caribbean culture, it also promotes Caribbean business.

“Carnival revelers infuse well over $12 million dollars of direct purchasing power into the local economy through expenditures to our hotels, restaurants, transportation, and shopping establishments.  Likewise, the annual Carnival creates thousands of seasonal jobs in the numerous ancillary events associated with the last major Carnival of 2015,” Hill explained.

In past surveys done at Miami Carnival, visitors said that food was the driving factor for their visit to the Caribbean-inspired event. The Caribbean’s vast diversity of delicacies and exotic dishes attracts islanders and non-islanders alike to the cultural celebration.

“People come to Carnival seeking out Caribbean-themed restaurants and food vendors. This encourages community residents and visitors to support local Caribbean businesses.” said Kinnard.

Miami Broward Carnival is an opportunity for South Florida to showcase all that the community has to offer to its residents and curious visitors.

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