By JOSEPH ELLICK Special to South Florida Times

Being a part of the North Miami Community is not only an honor but a great experience. It’s a place of fun, a place of comfort, and also a place of fellowship. The underlining component to the success of the community is the companionship of its people. It takes everyone to do their part and to ensure the growth of North Miami and there are various ways to get involved in the city.

If you’re interested in having a hand in the decision making, North Miami’s city council meetings are a good start. City council meetings touch many aspects of the city’s functioning – improving the community’s growth and strategic planning with finances, are just a few. The City Council meetings are on every first and third Tuesday of each month. They are held at the North Miami Beach City Hall located on the 4th floor at 17011 NE 19 Ave. in North Miami Beach.

Another option you have to be a part of the North Miami family is to engage in the monthly events. The great city celebrates things for all ages, cultures, and families. From Haitian Heritage Month to the city’s 90 year anniversary, there are food festivals, concerts and even a movie on the lawn. There is always something going on for you to enjoy or help make successful. To find more family-friendly activities, visit the city’s website at, and click on ‘residents’ and view the current events.

If you have free time and want to do more to better your surroundings, it’s time to volunteer. Not sure where to start? No worries, there are numerous programs planned for the summer where you can literally get your feet wet. At the Thomas Sasso pool and playground, for example, there is an opportunity to help give swimming lessons to youth.

Every park and recreation center accepts assistance for all summer camps; including summer hoops at Keystone Park and tennis lessons at Pepper Park. Adult activities like yoga and art classes are popular throughout the community.

“I volunteer around the city any time I can. We live in a beautiful city and I want to keep it that way,” said Sterling Ferguson, a North Miami native.

He is not the only one with that mindset. North Miami has established an initiative this year called Keep North Miami Beautiful, which focuses on litter prevention, beautification and community improvement. The program is also focused on reducing the impact of waste in the City of North Miami. The committee for this movement is not only made up of department leaders but, importantly, also includes the residents; who take part in cleaning up the parks, city roadways and painting different properties.

The City of North Miami is an amazing place with beautiful people. To keep it that way takes everyone banding together to do their part. Get involved and Keep North Miami Beautiful.

Joseph Ellick is a student at Florida Memorial University majoring in Communication/TV Broadcasting and English.