MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FL — The Miami-Dade County Commission has approved a measure that backers believe will give more space to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz of District 12 sponsored the legislation, which was approved at the Nov. 5 commission meeting. The measure calls for the creation of a “Complete Streets” program in Miami-Dade County to improve
pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

The Complete Streets program calls for a coordinated effort between the County, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Florida Department of Transportation, the public and other agencies to develop a plan that incorporates sidewalks and bike facilities, crosswalks and other pedestrian and bicycle-friendly features in the planning and design of roads, bridges and other portions of the
transportation network.

The legislation requires Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s staff to provide quarterly updates on a Complete Streets plan until a final implementation plan is presented to the commission by the end of 2015.

“The Complete Streets program will help ensure that the safety of pedestrians and cyclists is taken into account in the planning and design of our streets,” Diaz said.

Diaz has been a strong advocate for improving roadway safety, including championing the recently signed Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act that stiffened penalties on hit-and-run drivers.

Complete Streets is a nationwide initiative that encourages the development of walkable, sustainable communities through an integrated approach to the planning of transportation networks.