WEST PALM BEACH — Sirvon Cannon, a freshman at Palm Beach Lakes High School, became interested in politics at nine years old while campaigning for President Barak Obama.  His mother took him to an Obama for President campaign meeting at Gaines Park in West Palm Beach and it was there his interest in politics and community involvement began.

This past summer, Sirvon met several dignitaries and politicians.  First, he co-hosted with Brother Carl, a radio show, Coffee-Talk, sponsored by Palm Beach County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor.

Next, he met State Reps. Mark Pafford and Bobby Powell who offered political advice.

He was also photographed by the Associated Press and Ebony Magazine online with the legendary activist, singer and songwriter, Harry Belafonte Jr. at a Dream Defenders rally.

In 6th grade, Sirvon executed a fundraiser for the Joseph Littles-Nguzo Saba Charter School and received the Black Education Caucus UnSung Hero Award.  He also worked on President Obama’s second presidential campaign.

A middle school student at Jeaga Middle, Sirvon campaigned to become president of the Student Council with a platform that promised “The Mustang That Will Run For YOU!”  Winning the confidence ofmore than 1,000 students  and guided by his Jeaga Middle School advisers Timothy Shannon and Claudia Echelberger,
Sirvon successfully enhanced and improved the school.

Sirvon’s plans after high school include college at his proud mother’s alma mater, Howard University, then law school and possibly a future career in politics.