Miami-Dade School Board Member, Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall of District 2, helped to bring joy to more than 60 girls at the Girl Power Holiday Celebration held last weekend at the Culmer Community Center in Overtown.

Girl Power, a non-profit led by Thema Campbell, aims to encourage young girls to build confidence, competence and pride within themselves.

Dr. Bendross-Mindingall spoke inspiringly to the girls and introduced Zoe, founder of Zoe’s Dolls, for a special presentation. Dolls of color were given to all Girl Power members.

“I want to thank Girl Power and Thema Campbell for giving our young girls a safe place to learn and improve their lives,” said Dr. Bendross-Mindingall. “It was my pleasure to partner with Zoe’s Dolls to bring joy and happiness to these deserving girls for the holidays.”