MIAMI — Sandy Dorsainvil has appreciation and dedication for the Haitian community. That passion is helping turn her latest project into a first-class destination for art.

Dorsainvil is currently managing director for the Little Haiti Cultural Complex (LHCC). She also serves as executive director of the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, and board member of the Caribbean-American Cultural Preservation Society and the Northeast Second Avenue Partnerships.

Having dedicated over 20 years to non-profit organizations, Dorsainvil developed talents that enhanced her leadership abilities. She served as a marketing specialist for Broward County Public Schools’ Career, Technical, Adult and Community Education Department from 2006 to 2011 and also was a former member of the Arts and Entertainment council of the City of Miami.

LHCC, one of Dorsainvil’s projects, is emerging as one of Miami’s premiere art destinations. The complex features and celebrates the art of the African Diaspora with a special emphasis on the Haitian art experience. The Complex includes a black box theatre, fine art gallery, a National Basketball Association (NBA) Learn and Play Center, the Caribbean Marketplace, and the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance Archive that features original maps of Christopher Columbus’, a collection of Haitian literary works and other rare artifacts and art pieces.

“Opening the LHCC was a huge accomplishment for the Little Haiti community. It is an acknowledgement that the Haitian and Haitian-American community is valued and appreciated,” said Dorsainvil. “It is also a
validation of the contribution that these communities make to the cultural fabric of South Florida.”

She said the opening at LHCC taught her many “invaluable” lessons. Chief among them, she said, is that her passion for the community is only 10 percent of the battle. She believes that galvanizing stakeholders and creating sustainable projects that have residual outcomes is what really wins the war.

“Art communities were not built on passion and talent alone; it takes a lot of money and community involvement to keep them flourishing,” said Dorsainvil.

Dorsainvil’s consistent perseverance proves that she is an innovative program facilitator. She understands the cultural nuances of the Caribbean, specializing in the Haitian art movement and is an expert at creating programs and events that capture the artistic contributions.