Representative Bobby B. DuBose and Senator Chris Smith hosted their annual post session town hall meeting. The event began with a creative montage that highlighted Representative DuBose and Senator Smith’s bills and showed the challenges they faced during the 2016 legislative session. During the reception, Representative DuBose presented a surprise appreciation video to Senator Smith. Themed with a humorous childhood story, the video was a compilation of various community leaders expressing their appreciation for Senator Smith’s sixteen years of service to the state of Florida.

“I feel this is the perfect opportunity, the perfect time, the perfect setting, for us, his community, to really show how much we appreciate Senator Smith and his sixteen years of service to the state of Florida,” said Representative DuBose. In his final remarks, Smith said, “You know what stands out to me? Looking at that video and looking around the room and seeing past opponents of mine showing up tonight to support me. What that means is that we as candidates decided to just focus on the issues and make our races about the community.”