Staff Report

MIAMI, Fla. – The Miami Music Project recently hosted the first town hall in its webinar series designed to eliminate racial disparities and raise awareness to achieve racial equity and equality.

The next town hall webinar is set for Thursday, Aug. 20, on “Implicit Bias & Anti Racism,” to be followed by another on Thursday, Aug. 27, “Time For A Change: How You Can Be An Ally.”

Focused around the "History of Racism," and "Why We Say Black Lives Matter," the Aug. 12 webinar on Zoom and Facebook Live was kicked off by Miami Music Project President Anna Klimala.

Klimala gave anintroduction of the project’s mission, and set the stage for Maria Victoria Ramirez, lead visionary at ReEnvision Harmony and Social Equity, as well as panelists Chris Norwood, Ruban Roberts, Guy Forchion and Teri Williams, who spoke on the topic.

"History is embedded in a lot of different things,” said Norwood. “It’s embedded in science, and one of our problems is that our kids are not engaged in science or mathematics. I believe that the reason for that is because our kids have an ambivalence for history. You can’t study science without understanding the history of science, the same way you can’t geometry without understanding basic mathematics."

The discussion ended celebrating the host and panelists and called for viewers to join in the conversation and the work that needs to be done in their communities.

The Aug. 12 conversation can be viewed at, the Miami Music Project’s page.

Supporters can donate during a webinar, or within 24 hours of one, at, to help fund a full Miami Music Project scholarship for a student of color.

Remaining Town Hall schedule Thursday, Aug. 20 – “Implicit Bias & Anti Racism”

Thursday, Aug. 27 – “Time For A Change: How You Can Be An Ally” Both sessions will take place at 5 p.m.

The Miami Music Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses music as an instrument for social transformation, empowering children to acquire values, achieve their full potential, and positively affect society through the study and performance of orchestral music.

ReEnvision Harmony and Social Equity’s mission is to facilitate difficult conversations that push people to find their deeply rooted biases and give them the tools to make debiasing a daily practice to rebuild a new vision of the world through empathy and social equity.

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