Miami Beach students now have a different option for transportation.


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Some Miami Beach parents may be gaining a whole lot of time this upcoming school season as they forgo chauffeuring their children during morning rush hour.

In an effort to ease traffic and enhance quality of life, the City Commission recently approved a five-month pilot program that will provide morning school drop-off to North Beach Elementary and Biscayne Elementary starting Monday.

The transportation initiative comes as a result of a citywide survey issued to parents of public school children in Miami Beach to better identify family needs.

“We’ve received an overwhelming amount of interest from parents, and have confirmed 50 students to date,” shared Director of Transportation Jose Gonzalez. “The trial program will not only help manage traffic throughout the urban-island, but emphasize safety and incorporate wellness in our children’s daily routine.”

Equipped with seat belts, bus transportation will be provided to students living within a two-mile distance of the designated schools. All students will be dropped off at their homeschool and escorted to the cafeteria by school administration where a free breakfast will be available if desired.

The city has conducted test runs to ensure desired performance along established time-sensitive routes. Additional demand may be accommodated using the established stops; however, no route modifications will be made in order to minimize adverse impact on the finalized schedule.