As the deadline for my weekly column approaches, I am feeling especially uninspired this week. A grand opening, six day work weeks, and the death of a dear friend will do that. Not to mention all the other things which occur in my day to day existence; no wonder I feel tired and overwhelmed. As I was about to send a message to my esteemed editor explaining I was taking the week off from publication, I realized I couldn’t do that. Not me.
Not the guy who worked through a concussion, opened a clinic with more sheer will than financial support, or worked day and night more often than not in the last six months. Not the same person who wrote so often about the personal sacrifice that accompanied my journey as a veterinarian and business owner. This is all in a day’s work or more simply the life I lead.
As I sought to excuse myself from a responsibility that I truly enjoy, it dawned upon me: I don’t get to be tired. I get to be weary, I get to be frustrated, I even get to be grumpy, but I don’t get to be tired. All the hard work, personal, financial, and spiritual investment I’ve made don’t allow for such an indulgence. I have asked people to entrust the health of their pets to me and am thankful so many have.
I don’t get to burn the candle at both ends and by trying to be so much to many, I end up being not much to anyone, other than a disappointment to myself. And with this realization, I make an attempt to present a column that is cogent and hopefully meaningful and entertaining to others. But then, the real trick in being meaning to others lies in hopes of being meaningful and inspiring to myself. Now, I just have to make deadline!