authors_web.jpgFORT LAUDERDALE — Combining the faith-based writings of inspirational speakers, authors, an artist, a blogger and an insurance claims adjuster – all of African descent – has resulted in a resilient community of writers. A chance meeting at an auto parts store six years ago aligned these seven authors’ lives together in a way they say only God can.

On Saturday, June 28 at the “Seven Authors of Hope, Inspiration and Enlightenment Book Talk” co-sponsored by the Friends of AARLCC, the public will have an opportunity to talk with each of these authors. Fresh Fire Dance Ministry will perform. Light refreshments will be served when the doors open at 1 p.m. Musical entertainment will be provided by Chandler Gadson, the daughter of George Gadson, who is one of the seven.

Along with Gadson, Angela Peterson, Drs. Kerlynn Christophe and Kemi Onayemi, Carim Hyatt, Samantha Porter and Sharon Althea Brown complete the roundup.

A mention of Gadson’s first book encouraged Brown to talk about her own writings, and from then the fire kept growing. Gadson came in contact with Peterson while he was doing a mural art project at the Hollywood Hills Military Academy, and now they find themselves discussing their books at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale.

They describe their creative synergy more sufficiently than anyone else ever could: “We rolled up our sleeves to make this event a reality.”

The Authors of Hope aspire to share their faith through their unique talents.

“I discovered through my art that I have gifts and talents that can benefit not only me, but those I come in contact with,” Gadson said. “I was never told as a child that ‘God has a plan for my life, a plan for success and a bright future.’ Now I know that.  Because I know that I walk with hope, confidence and joy and peace and want to be an influence.”

Though this is the first book talk of its kind, the seven are looking to start a long lasting tradition.

“From a spiritual perspective,” said Peterson, author of This Too Shall Pass, “the number seven symbolizes completion.” Peterson sparked the fuse on this collaborative book talk with her vision, but effort from the entire group was necessary to make an enduring impact a reality. She believes that together these seven friends can have a greater impression on others at large, despite their differences in culture and their widely different professions.

The Seven Authors of Hope can, as in Porter’s motto, “educate the youth, create wealth, and change lives” throughout the community, with their faith guiding the way.

Beyond the chance to intimately discuss books with their authors, books will be available for purchase and signing.