Florida’sMarco Island after facing the center of Hurricane Irma




FLORIDA — When it was announced last week that Hurricane Irma would undoubtedly unleash her force on Florida, residents did all they could to prepare.

Whether that meant evacuating or purchasing supplies to hunker down and weather the storm, people across the world watched as Floridians braced for impact.

Understandably, many people were concerned about the well-being of their friends and loved ones — and this is where for many social media became a saving grace.

Though Floridians were confined to their homes or evacuation areas, many used social media, texting and other forms of technology to ensure their family and friends they were okay.

It was not uncommon for residents to periodically post updates to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to keep the masses informed due to an overwhelming amount of outreach from others requesting the status of their safety.

Others created group texts to stay connected and/or set times to do conference calls to pray for safety and protection.

Many used the safety check-in feature on Facebook and requested others do the same.

Overall, many concerns were addressed through the use of technology and people across the world were able to send messages of love, care and encouragement.

Since residents have been advised to remain inside unless it is absolutely necessary to venture out, it is highly likely that social media and other technology will continue to be used heavily through Irma’s recovery efforts.

In instances like this Floridians, and the people who love them, couldn’t be more grateful for technology.