S.O.S., as we have come to understand, signifies an urgent situation that requires immediate attention. In this column, the S.O.S. refers to a concept that describes a woman’s relationship with herself – her Sisterhood of Self.

The Sisterhood of Self is guided by seven principles that, when activated, help women discover or clarify their life purpose. The seven principles take a woman on a sacred journey inward that is buoyed by practices like spending time in silence, self-forgiveness and making gratitude a regular part of her life. The principles help women to awaken to their innate power, hone in on why they’re here and take action on dreams and goals with their names on them.

Women with an active S.O.S. are easy to spot; identifiable by what they refrain from as well as their indulgences. You will not catch them engaging in time and energy-stealing activities like gossip and they are extremely unlikely to watch negative reality shows that disparage sisterhood by featuring women treating each other with disdain and disrespect.

You can easily identify women with an active S.O.S. by how they move in the world. They’re busy celebrating life by living i t fully. They’ve stumbled and fallen, but refused to remain down. Mistakes that once haunted them are now learning experiences and they have figured out how to manage the fear we all experience.

When you spot a woman with an active S.O.S., others like her are probably nearby. Her circle of sisters is a reflection of the thoughts she thinks and the words she speaks; and she intentionally keeps both elevated. She finds it extremely difficult if not impossible to consistently spend time with women who have neither activated their S.O.S. nor seem interested in doing so; and whiners, complainers and naysayers should actually steer clear.

Women with an active S.O.S. are genuinely thrilled when another woman excels and they seek out opportunities to share wisdom with those ready to receive it.

This column will explore all aspects of the S.O.S.; further defining it, celebrating it and identifying it in women who wear it well.