The Jessie Trice Community Health System has been recognized for its stellar service.


MIAMI – A mainstay in Liberty City, The Jessie Trice Community Health System (JTCHS) has served Miami-Dade County since 1967. Its reach is wide, with fifty-four facilities, among them eleven Comprehensive Primary Care centers, including a women’s substance use residential program, forty school-based locations and two university centers.

The organization, which serves a diverse population of over 47,000 patients who make more than 187,000 visits annually, has been named a “Health Center Quality Leader” by the U.S. Health and Human Services’ Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA).

“We are committed to providing quality health care services to all in the South Florida community,” says Annie Neasman, President and CEO of JTCHS. “This recognition is a tremendous honor for us, and we are delighted to be among the top in the nation for delivering effective, proven and affordable healthcare services to our patients.”

In a letter sent to Neasman from HRSA Administrator, George Sigounas, MS, Ph.D., shared that “As a Health Care Quality Leader, Jessie Trice Community Health System achieved the best overall clinical performance among all health centers, placing in the top 30 percent of the adjusted quartile rankings for Clinical Quality Measures. Thank you for your commitment to providing quality primary health care services to your community.”