West Palm Beach — A reality TV series “Throttle Up” is set to debut with a half-hour motorcycle and motorsports reality show series, filmed in Palm Beach County, Florida.  In the same vein as the hit show 2Xtreem Motorcycle TV, Throttle Up features show host Joe Capicotti and three co-hosts, who share the latest news in the power sports industry and go on motorsports tests and adrenaline spiking events for an audience of thrill-seekers and performance enthusiasts.

Every episode begins with the host Joe slightly elevated on an audience on a 360-degree open stage. Joe opens the show with a welcome and a quick review of the episode’s content and direction. He is joined by his male co-hosts who provide their own sarcastic rebuttals to his opening.  After a brief industry news segment, the hosts will test one or more of the latest product offerings from the motorcycle and power sports Industry. These tests are high revving, high-speed and sometimes involve high-flying tricks.  The hosts will take on several missions during the season, pushing their talents and abilities to the limit.
Celebrities from the worlds of sports, music and Hollywood are invited to test their talent levels as they compete with each other for the top spot on the special guest time board. Several episodes will feature new product introduction and testing at Palm Beach County facilities, along with interviews with special guests. Each episode is filled with wit, humor, pranks, breakdowns and consequential drama. The hosts will entertain and humor audiences with outrageous adventures across south Florida.