By Antonia Williams-Gary


Implosion! The Donald J Trump campaign is falling in on itself. And it is making huge, no “yuge” ripples.

Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowsky is gone; the ‘establishment’ is not donating as expected, and big money is going to an anti-Trump campaign. Additionally, his ‘favorability’ factor is in the toilet.

“I’ll go it alone,” is the new battle cry of Donald Trump.

This is taking place with only one month left to go before the national convention.

I’ve waited for this to happen. It was just a matter of time. This new turn of events is refreshing; it has renewed my hope in the ability of the American electoral system to recalibrate and get back on a saner course.

I have to admit that while the divisive rhetoric of the Republican front-runner has sparked my outrage, at the same time, I have enjoyed the watching and listening to the outpourings of the 40 percent, who are his supporters.

Donald J. Trump, the main purgative, should be applauded. America’s enema has been effective. He has delivered much more than expected with his outlandish promises. The main prize? We are no longer simply wary or suspicious of our neighbors’ hard and negative feelings. They have been demonstrated in public – on television, at Trump rallies, at Trump speeches, and worn on their Trump hats and tee shirts, etc.

In fact, so many have found comfort in The Donald that they have taken off their hoods and have come out in public to release themselves.

One of the main reasons I have taken such a personal interest in this cycle’s campaign is because I have seven young grandchildren, and I want their world to be shaped by reasonable people. It is their birthright, not just a privilege to be free to live in this society governed by the rule of just laws; having freedom in their persons; enjoying the civil rights so hard fought for by their predecessors; and living with peace of mind.

I believe that they simply would not have that kind of life if Donald Trump is elected to the highest office in this country.

I have never wrapped myself in the flag; I am critical of the failure of the elected leadership to reach, or surpass certain marks of excellence. I am certainly not so American that I have forgotten my African roots and the legacy of slavery. But after I examine other organized countries – their cultures, laws, policies and practices – I know that America is the best place to continue to pursue happiness and to live in a more perfect union. But I cry when I see the slippage, corrosion, and threats to the American ideals. I mourn the loss of any opportunity to practice them. I want to be able to continue to live under the culture of potential, and to preserve that for my grandchildren, and their children.

Donald Trump’s points of view and his proposed policies threaten my right to such an expected life in America. He threatens my family. He threatens my legacy.

Now, it appears that reasonable, forward-thinking folk have begun to understand that more fully, and have taken it under good advice to dump Trump!

But what does that leave us?

We have deep wounds to heal.

There are reasons there are so many angry whites.

Recent statistics have been published that indicate white male and female life expectancy is declining; their incomes have shrunk and the income gap has widened so far that the definition of the middle class has to be recalibrated. Their dominance in the country has eroded beyond any possibility of recapture.

Hispanic population is increasing rapidly, and with immigration of other ‘minorities’, this will be a brown nation is a very few years.

White folk are living in fear; and fear generates anger and resentment. Unabated, that can generate into violent outbursts, such as what we see playing out in various forms- Trump rallies being just one manifestation.

Horridly, young white males with guns have been acting out for decades and the pundits are beginning to connect the dots.

So I say once again, “Thank you Donald for the enema. We needed that.”

But now we have to begin to clean up the mess.

I look forward to November, when we can begin the great healing.