PORT CANAVERAL — A police sergeant accused of taking targets resembling Trayvon Martin to a gun range was fired Friday, the Associated Press reported.

Port Canaveral Interim Chief Executive Officer John Walsh told WFTV on Saturday that Sgt. Ron King was leading a target practice April 4 with two other Port Canaveral police officers and a civilian port employee when he pulled out the targets. Walsh said King asked the group if they wanted to use the targets and they said no, telling him to put them back into his patrol car.
Other news sources said King claimed in an online video that the targets were not for target practice but were a “no-shoot training tool.” He added that the allegation against him could be a ploy to bring down Walsh.
In his video, King admits he bought the targets that show gun crosshairs on a black hooded sweatshirt with Skittles in one pocket and an iced tea in one hand.
Trayvon, a Miami Gardens teenager visiting his father in a subdivision in Sanford, was returning from a convenience store wearing a hood and had Skittles in his pocket and iced tea in one hand when confronted Feb. 26, 2012, by then neighborhood crime watch captain George Zimmerman.
Zimmerman has admitted shooting and killing Trayvon but claims he was defending himself. He has been charged with second-degree murder and his trial is expected to begin in June.
In his video posted on YouTube, King apologizes to the Martin family and claims they were being used as pawns to get Walsh fired.
Walsh remained unmoved. “I found the entire situation unacceptable,” he said. “It is not the type of behavior that I want a police officer to have on both a personal and professional level.”
Meanwhile, Zimmerman’s lawyer has filed a motion asking for the unsealing of an agreement between Trayvon’s  parents and the homeowners association where Trayvon was killed.
An attorney for the parents has asked the court to keep the paperwork confidential. Zimmerman’s lawyer is claiming the agreement could show whether the parents have a bias, in case they are called as witnesses.