NEW JERSEY – Kyrzayda Rodriguez turned a passion for style into a popular blog. In the introduction on her blog, Kyrzayda shared that she started the blog in 2013 and it took off in 2014.

“I quit my job in 2016 to focus on my blog full time it has been challenging but worth the ride. I turned my life around and now I get to do what I love. You guys have opened the doors and you allow me into your feed each day,” she shared on the blog’s “About” page.

According to Hip Latina, Kyrzayda died on Sept. 9 due to an advanced case of stomach cancer.

Her cousin, Maria (@addictedtowirk2) shared Kyrzayda’s death on Instagram.

“For all those who knew my cousin @kyrzayda_, you knew she was battling stage 4 cancer. Sadly, today she lost that battle,” her cousin Maria (a.k.a @addictedtowick2) shared on Instagram. “She was a warrior that was full of life. She fought hard till the very end. She was our little warrior and now she will be our little angel.

She was a beautiful person, in and out and our family dynamic will never be the same. This is very devastating to our family and we thank you for all the immense support you have all given us. We will keep you updated as far as the arrangements go. Now you will be in heaven with all the fashion Gods and no longer suffering.”

In addition to inspiring her followers with her timeless classic and chic style of fashion, Kyrzayda also inspired them with her outlook on life. The self-proclaimed “late bloomer,” said she learned a lot about living life during her 30s.

“So, you see even if you start late, it’s better (than) never starting at all and for that I thank GOD,” she wrote on her blog. “I see so many people not committing ever into a better healthy living. I met amazing people who guide me and mentor me to do better. To stay from bad characters because it corrupts good character. I stayed away from naysayers, negative and just crowds overall. I believe in quality in all sense of the word.”

Kyrzayda also shared her journey with cancer.

“Lastly, because trust me there is more … I found out at 39 years old that I have gastric cancer and have been fighting for almost a year. Turning 40 is not what I celebrate today but still being alive after I was told I only had 6 months to live,” she wrote on a post celebrating her birthday.

She turned 40 on Aug. 18. “Celebrating my 40th birthday with a big bang surrounded by the people I love and thanking GOD for being my foundation in everything. We are still fighting and Cancer is not taking away the joy my 30’s gave me. I celebrate life more than ever now. It’s important to be thankful, always. Happy Birthday to me!!!”

In a live video message posted on Instagram last Thursday, Sept. 6, Kyrzayda was still encouraging her followers to live their lives to the fullest.

“Go, do it, don’t wait for another day, another hour, or another time. Go and do it now.”