alcalloway.jpgWhile we patiently watched the Democratic presidential primary campaign finally conclude, several things especially important to African Americans have been made crystal clear.

Foremost is that the issue of race in myriad manifestations is paramount within the American body politic. Second is the revelation, and perhaps shock to some, that “beloved” Bill and Hillary Clinton are actually white nationalists who revel in the Anglo-Saxon Priori (“white is right”) and promote ethnic and class divisiveness.

The third thing is that America’s white-controlled Democratic Party, joined by a vast majority of America’s mass media, exacerbated “Clintonism” by excusing the Clinton campaign’s quasi-Klan-like call-outs to white supremacy.

The Democratic Party remained silent while the media promoted the Clinton message. Former President Bill Clinton started things off by referring to Sen. Barack Obama as “a kid,” an obvious euphemism for the derogatory “boy” that white people like to call black men.

Fourth is the deep hurt reminiscent of more than 246 years of chattel slavery and over a century of segregation, wherein blacks even suffered division as “house Negroes and field Negroes.” These remnants of slavery allowed so many black elected officials, church and other leaders to support Hillary, even though their constituents supported Barack Obama!          

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s incessant charge that Obama is an “elitist” flies in the face of all manner of documentary evidence to the contrary, including Obama’s two best-selling books and other public records.

But the white press spread the unfounded Clintonism as gospel anyway. Why? Because the white press understood that the Clintons were especially telling working-class white people that Barack Obama is an uppity (N-word) who stepped way out of his place, running for president of the United States of (White) America.

Unlike the huge white college crowds drawn by Obama’s messages of hope for the future, change from what does not work, and together, yes we can do it, working class whites, first and foremost, reject Obama because he is non-white and “uppity.”

Add to that, Obama is disrespecting a great white woman and former First Lady of the U. S. A. by having the unmitigated gall to run against her turn to be president.

Since President Lyndon B. Johnson and his diabolical “War on Poverty,” liberal Democrats have been trying to keep the “race” genie from popping out every once in a while.

A war on the poor did actually occur. Families were broken up, more Bantustans called housing projects were provided for women with children, and dead-end training was promulgated – contracted through governments by industries whose stock soared. Many of our nation’s best teachers followed white flight to suburbs, leaving behind inferior and largely segregated inner-city schools, unemployment escalated to double digits, crime and police brutality rose, and physical and mental health declined.

What else looms crystal clear is that, one way or another, the Clintons, like Captain Ahab after the great white whale in Moby Dick, will never cease trying to destroy Barack Obama the candidate, or nominee, and especially if he gets to be elected president of the United States of America.

After all is said and done, Barack Obama is a black man who “attacked” a white woman – Bill Clinton’s woman – on her way to the White House (her house), for which Obama has got to be castrated, politically and/or otherwise. So, this may be it, black folks. Wat’chu gon’ do, huh?