alcalloway.jpgAt least 90 percent of black people who vote Democratic and support Barack Obama for president are incensed by the high level of white nationalism orchestrated by the Clintons, supported by the media, and acquiesced to by the National Democratic Party.

It could be called a conspiracy, but, inexorably, it is historically white America being led by the Clintons to their usual racial abyss of fear, ignorance and a demonic Anglo-Saxon Priori, plus misuse of both the Judeo-Christian ethic and Democratic Ideal.

Black Independents and Republicans were never fooled by the Clintons or the Democratic Party. Readers of the 1994 published book, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, by
Terry Reed and John Cummings, know all about how Arkansas, with Bill Clinton as governor, was a state “run by Democrats in bed with a Republican administration in Washington, and both conspiring to evade Congress’ prohibition against aiding or abetting the Contras. It was so steeped in hypocrisy.”

Among other things, according to the book, Clinton allowed the CIA “to use Arkansas factories to make untraceable weapons and he allowed CIA contract agents to train Contra pilots on rural airstrips in support of the war in Nicaragua . . . .” Clinton compromised “his ideals in exchange for CIA support in his bid for the presidency.”

And, of course, Hillary Clinton is not being truthful when she asserts that she has been fully vetted! We have heard about something Obama wrote while an adolescent and what he did as a young man, but there has been no media coverage during this campaign about the Clintons and Iran-Contra. Furthermore, where is the probe of a possible Iran-Contra connection with the Whitewater scandal in Arkansas that engulfed the Clintons?

The near future may present hope for Americans of African descent as they leave the plantation – the Democratic Party – in droves. By re-registering to vote as independents, blacks can still vote for Barack Obama for president and vote against every Democrat, black or white, that has been supporting Hillary Clinton. At the same time blacks will be creating an Independent Movement in American politics.

Such a movement will have a dynamic effect on American politics. First and foremost, it will get rid of the Negro politicians who talk black at black churches and NAACP, Urban League and SCLC fundraisers, but produce no positive social change for their overwhelmingly black constituents, while downtown interests gentrify black neighborhoods – what blacks verify as black removal.

Second, because certain states deny Independents the right to vote in primary elections, black Independents create a legal bonanza for constitutional lawyers because their right to vote under the Constitution is being abridged.

Third, the Independence Movement will spread as blacks liberate themselves from both major political parties and negotiate with all powerful elements of the American political and economic system(s) for across the board equity.

Now black folks, here is the caveat: While political independence is key to black liberation, spiritually based, disciplined organization is the road that must be traveled for such transformation to occur. The genius R. Buckminister Fuller (Bucky Fuller) saw a purity of development. He said that we must have a pro-humanity strategy, utilizing inventive intelligence, in design science.

Recently, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr., Barack Obama’s “former” pastor spoke on the “theology of transformation,” at the National Press Club in Washington, D. C.  Rev. Wright said that Isaiah 61 in the Bible is about “God’s desire for radical change . . . for positive change.”

Instead of throwing Wright “under the bus” for his terrible social blunders, let’s get him involved to help guide the process because he teaches a “theology of liberation and transformation and ultimately a theology of reconciliation.”