alcalloway.jpgAlthough TV news stories repeatedly revealed a white man apparently spitting on a  black congressman, not one network saw fit to at least opine as to why the white female policewoman accompanying the congressman never reacted to the incident.    

You and I know that if that had been a crowd of black folks, and one of them had spat on a white congressman, police would have waded into that crowd, beating heads, and the culprit would have done the perp walk, on camera. What looms more bothersome is that no black news media or civil rights leaders interviewed the white policewoman and her superiors as to why she did not arrest the assailant for assault.

What was she there for? Why does the black, so-called leadership continually allow black people to be disrespected? Do they collectively think that “white is right?” Can black people gain respect through mass passivity?

All of this is really about the white American terrorism syndrome that historically perpetrates against black people, with the acquiescence of the religious community, governments, industry, law enforcement and the courts, and higher education. It’s all designed to keep black people in line, under control as an underclass, only entitled to certain prescribed aspects of democracy, but nothing near that which is accorded white Americans.    

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have better success selling democracy abroad than their predecessors if they can convince non-white nations that America is turning the corner relative to its “race problem.”  Yet the neo-conservative, conservative, tea party, blue dog and Reagan Democrats, along with the budding new southern strategy of the Republican Party, do not bode well for blacks, Latinos and non-white immigrants.

The anti-democratic forces in America — that ever-shrinking white majority that wants to return to and maintain white Anglo-Saxon hegemony —­­­ rightfully sees democracy as a white system that works for them as members of an oligarchy. Democracy as the Anglo-Saxon Priori is exportable, coupled with trade and aid agreements to despots abroad, who also need to control minority groups through the politics of containment as “democracy.”

The African holocaust, which was the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade, amounted to more than two centuries of a perpetual terrorist act that finally divided America into the Civil War,  which ended chattel slavery.  After the war and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, however, the Reconstruction Lincoln promised was rescinded, and white terrorism against blacks ruled the land, with a specially demoniacal southern bent that included lynching, rapes and sharecropping (re-enslavement).

White American terrorism has always included denying education to black people. Whenever a modicum of education was/is provided, it is surely inferior and/or obsolete.

Black people have suffered discrimination from white people since slavery.  Poor whites got off the boat from Europe at Ellis Island, and were immediately taught to hate black people. Black codes were instituted, and terrorist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, sheriffs and deputies, instilled fear in black people.

White America still debates the Rodney King ruthless beating by mad-dog policemen, which was nothing short of a terrorist act. Reports of police brutality against black people no longer headline black newspapers, and civil rights organizations don’t know how many white cops shot blacks who had no gun last year, or in any given year. How many black cops shot a white person in the last decade? 

White powder cocaine turned into crack, which proliferates in black communities, is controlled by white people.  Low-line black street thugs crowd jails and prisons for selling this poison to their people. Every now and then, a boatload of cocaine is confiscated, so the public feels that the drug trade is being contained. There are no top-of-the-line black players in the international or national terrorist action called the drug trade.

Someone please tell me, if you dare, how can black Americans have any semblance of democracy when they have the worst of everything? Public schools are divided into poor black schools and affluent white schools. Is that democracy?

Blacks arrested for possession of crack cocaine go to prison for way more time than a white person in possession of powder cocaine. Is that rational? Is that democratic?

All one has to do is contrast and compare, and there it is:  Two Americas, one black and under siege by white terrorism, and the other white and “democratic.”