Walcalloway.jpghatever you think you know about white nationalism and its neoconservative byproduct, get ready for a tumultuous onslaught of near Reconstruction era (1865-1890) vehemence against black and brown people across Ameria and throughout the world.

Today, what is behind this five century-long hate of black and brown people is a deep-seated fear of retribution. For white nationalists, a black man — and especially one whose immediate African roots stem from a brilliant Kenyan economist — seated in the White House and, for a second term no less, is tantamount to a coup d'état.

Nothing could be more frightening and infuriating and frightening at the same time. What is so dangerous about this aftermath of sudden white nationalist imploding is the instability of hate and fear. And, a further miscalculation on this new white minority’s part could be devastating for America.

A Divine intervention, though, is the one hope of righting a listing America, if it comes to that.

The Mississippi lesson is instructive. A band of hate-spewing white nationalist students at Ole Miss protested President Barack H. Obama’s election-night victory. Then a huge, overwhelming majority of white, black, brown and yellow students marched in oneness, as Americans.

Neoconservatives won Mississippi for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan but young people in Mississippi won the future of the state and our country with their positive, spiritual action. And that’s the army hate and fear will never defeat:  “One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


What we are in for, what with white militiamen harboring in America’s woods, sometimes in remote areas of our national parks, simulating warfare against Americans they don’t like, is the final phase of the American Revolution. Some of it will be violent, most of it will not. While there are a lot of them, many well-trained in wea-ponry and urban warfare, there are many more righteous and peace-loving Americans.

The Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz and company neoconservative war-mongers and non-white haters, along with their minions in Congress, red state capitols and the media, will continue trying to destabilize the Obama thrust internally as well as throughout the non-white world.

Neo-conservatives hope to stimulate conflicts among and between non-white sectors of the world to exacerbate profits for a military industrial complex wholly controlled by white nationalists here and abroad. Control non-white populations, their governance, natural resources, markets, et al.,   and ensure white dominance by America’s one percenters.

Unless people of African descent wake up in a hurry, virtually every avenue of commerce in the stratified black and brown world will be dominated by others while now scarce opportunities elsewhere could even be more dramatically lessened.

Voter-suppression laws are merely a phase of skewing democracy as a class right —47 percent of Americans, mostly non-whites, are not to be included. Neoconservatives also want to institute mediaeval mercantilism by having working-class Americans pay taxes while they wheel and deal and maintain a caste system.

President Obama is not having it and white nationalists everywhere know it. But this time black and brown Americans cannot celebrate a joyous inauguration and then do nothing.

Voter-suppression failed because people got angry, came out to vote and stood in long lines to do so.

What about next time? Here again comes the dangerous aftermath. Will black and brown people succumb to the usual scourge of being single-issue-orientated and crisis motivated? Will political, religious and civic leaders, most of whom have a propensity to come late to a fray, seize the Obama victory momentum and now back the president with positive social action?


Do neighborhood folks now understand that they must begin the organizing process, because organizing is from the bottom up? Let’s start with our block, schools, neighborhood policing and understanding all aspects of gentrification.


   Some say black is no
good, bad and awful,
    but who do they think they
 are deciding black’s unlawful?
   Those folks sho’ got some
   I mean, why’re they so
   'specially when the whole
world knows
     the truth about Adam and
    (Y’all know Adam and Eve
were black, right?)



*Al Calloway is a longtime journalist who began his career with the Atlanta Inquirer during the early 1960s civil rights struggle. He may be reached at: Al_Callowayverizon.net