By Barbara Howard

So the angry Democrats have started showing their fangs now that Donald Trump is POTUS. First they cried when Trump was elected instead of Hillary. Now we hear the ugliest of the ugly.

Whoopi Goldberg, who has never had a kind word to say about Republicans, said on The View that Trump was like the Taliban. Really? Nothing new there, because Joe Biden had already called Republicans terrorists.

I saw a You Tube video from a Black Lives Matter Anti-Trump rally in Seattle where the woman with a mega-phone screamed numerous F-bombs and then said “We need to start killing people”.

Morehouse College professor and CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill called the African-Americans who have met with President Trump “mediocre Negroes”.

A black adjunct professor for Morehouse, David Dennis Jr. wrote a piece entitled “Tom Brady’s Politics Are More Un-American Than Colin Kaepernick’s Have Ever Been”. This was only because the Five Time Super Bowl Champion has been friends with Donald Trump for years.

But it gets meaner and meaner. “Nasty Girls” against Trump have become heroes to the nasty left. Democrat Congress members like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi spew more hatred than I have ever seen.

The hatred is palpable as the Democrats call President Trump a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, a bigot and many other nasty names. But they are the ones who are the bigots.

I watched them undercut their own in their efforts to demean the candidacy of George W. Bush in 2000. The recount of the recount in Florida was atrocious. The Liberals tried to kill off George Bush by accusing him and his brother, then Governor Jeb Bush, of stealing the election from Democrat Al Gore.

They hated Bush so much and constantly called him names over his eight years in office, including stupid, Hitler and murderer. CNN and MSNBC had a daily demeaning segment on Bush.

Liberals even hosted the Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, to speak at a Black church in Harlem where he called Bush

“El Diablo”. Hollywood elites Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte even visited Venezuela to praise Hugo Chavez for demeaning President Bush.

It got so bad that someone deemed it Bush Derangement Syndrome. But what happened to Bush doesn’t come close to what the radical, hateful liberals are doing to President Trump.

The Democratic Congress started by boycotting the inauguration. Democrats are holding up President Trump’s cabinet nominees in an effort to block everything that Trump does. Congressional Black Caucus member Maxine Waters is so angry she is calling for Trump’s impeachment and it’s only been three weeks into his presidency.

Liberal organizations are cancelling events and Nordstrom and Macy are pulling Ivanka Trump’s (Potus’ daughter) fashion. The radicals stopped Conservative speaker MILO from speaking at Berkeley by violently protesting, starting fires and smashing windows. One of the organizers said she had “no regrets” for the violence and wants more.

George Soros-funded organizations, including Black Lives Matter, have been protesting since inauguration day. And there have been numerous incidents of violence against Trump supporters. These people are truly dangerous, yet it is President Donald Trump that liberals are calling dangerous.

I have also been accosted by people because I’m a Republican, even those who are supposed to be Christians. For over 20 years, I have been writing political Op Ed pieces in order to get black folk to stop being totally tied to the Democratic Party and to begin to start thinking for themselves.

But year after year, black folk have gotten meaner in their support of the Democratic Party, especially after eight years of a Black POTUS. Now their hatred for Donald Trump is uglier than Bush.

The anger at not having Hillary to carry on Obama’s reign is just too much for them and they will stop at nothing to stop Trump. Black folk, who make up the Democratic Party’s base, have been manipulated by Democrats by labeling Republicans as racist.