The first prerequisite to be considered for a cabinet or a high level position in Trump’s administration: you must be against everything President Obama stands for. This may seem obnoxious, but Trump has decided that he knows how to run the government, with no experience. Successful businessmen are a strange breed; because they believe whatever they touch will turn to gold.

Not only is Trump the most powerful man on the planet for four years, but he was right and so many were wrong. That includes his party, all the Democrats, and the majority of the leaders around the world. Many people think this is a bad nightmare, and they will wake up, but Trump does not disappear. When you don’t vote, Trump is what you get.

There are millions of black folks that did not vote in the presidential election in 2016, and Trump’s nominations were picked because they represent white issues and problems. Ninety-two percent (92%) of blacks did not vote for Trump, so he does not owe our community anything. We did not support him so there is no reason for him to support us.

White people unanimously supported President-elect Trump, so he must deliver for this segment of population. Essentially this means that white people can make America white again. Even though America has always been white, many Whites feel they are losing their power.

“I think we’re going to have one of the great Cabinets ever put together,” Trump boasted. After Trump talked about draining the swamp, it appears he is putting together an administration that will be the most conservative in decades.

The majority of his nominations for his cabinet will be white men, and probably, two women, one black, and one Latino. His White House staff and top level heads will be dominated by wealthy business executives, military leaders, and partisan activists, who oppose the historic mission of the departments they are chosen to head.

Diversity is probably a word if it is spoken in his administration, you will immediately get fired. Trump has picked three generals to top jobs: retired Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mathis as secretary of Defense, retired Marine Corps General John Kelly as secretary of Homeland Security, and retired Army General Michael Flynn as national security adviser.

These three nominations are not good for black people in America, because they dismiss the reality of police brutality. They believe the way to control and make the black community safe is to build more jails and put more blacks in jail. General Flynn has been accused of making up false stories and news about Hillary Clinton and there is no telling what other stories he may make up as national security advisor.

As Trump continues to put together his cabinet and top level positions, Americans can call this group the millionaires and billionaires club. Many Americans have forgotten that Goldman Sachs was getting ready to go bankrupt and the government saved them with corporate welfare. Trump has designated former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon as his senior White House strategist, and he is a supporter of the at-right movement.

Goldman veteran Steve Mnuchin has been picked as Treasury secretary, billionaire investor Wilbur Ross as Commerce secretary, and billionaire activist Betty DeVos as Education secretary. Linda McMahon, a former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment has been chosen to head the Small Business Administration, and Dr. Ben Carson has been picked to run HUD.

As Trump puts together his billionaires’ club to run the country, they all are economic bullies, and they will use the generals to take what they want. White people make up 10% of the world’s population, but they believe it is their destiny to control everyone and everything around the globe.

Closer to home, blacks did not vote for Trump, and he thinks educated blacks have it too easy, and poor blacks are lazy. Either you are with Trump or against him, there is no middle ground.