With all the talk of sexual misbehavior of well-known people in Hollywood and politics, we find that over the past few years the U.S. House of Representatives has paid out $15 million to “alleged victims of sexual harassment by its own members”.

And that’s just the House. We don’t know how much the U.S. Senate has paid out.

But as we look at TV each day, one would think that Alabama Judge Roy Moore, who’s running for a Republican seat in the U.S. Senate, is the only sexual predator out there, even though there are so many others who have been guilty.

For over 20 years, I have been trying to tell people that the Democratic Party has used the black community to stay in power. These Liberals have long used us to play identity politics and they have always taken such a high moral ground to deliberately kill off Republicans for the purpose of staying in power.

Now we find that for the most part, in this age of dirt bag Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken, all these Liberal men have been guilty of the very thing they have accused Republicans of doing.

I have watched several Republicans that I know personally have their lives literally destroyed by the lies and innuendos perpetrated on them and their family by Democrats. And if they can’t find anything on you, they make it up. And they have found a perfect way to destroy you – by accusing you of the vilest sexual behavior.

Take Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, who out of the goodness of her heart hired a Black businesswoman from Jacksonville to work in her office. She knew the woman was a Democrat and an Obama follower, but she hired her anyway.

Jennifer was on her way to becoming the first black and female governor of the State of Florida, but the Democrats had to take her down. They couldn’t let the Black community think that Republicans were on their side.

The woman ended up stabbing Carroll in the back by accusing her of engaging in a Lesbian act with her white Scheduling Secretary – in her office, no less. Now anyone who has been in the Governor’s suite of offices knows there is little privacy. But that didn’t stop this lady of telling the press this incredulous story.

Then to add insult to injury, when the Lt. Governor defended herself, the LGBTQ community attacked her for what they thought was her insult to them. WOW!

Talk about double jeopardy. But that’s what Liberals do.

Now with all the accusations thrown out about all the Liberals in Hollywood and in politics, all you can hear about is how Judge Moore is such a slime ball. And it’s all over accusations, not proof, of an alleged act over 40 years ago.

Not five years ago. Not 10 years ago. Not even 20 years ago. But 40 years ago. Now I don’t know Judge Moore, but I would certainly not want to be judged by something I did or did not do over 40 years ago. But Democrats are using these allegations to derail his candidacy for the Senate.

And its’ not just Democrats; it’s Republicans as well. One thing about Democrats – They are forced into loyalty to the Party. They all know there is a steep price to pay for disloyalty. They must all sing the same words at the same time or face harsh consequences. I know that first hand. There are some Democratic politicians who I know were forced to lie to the cameras and those who didn’t had their careers cut short.

But Republicans don’t seem to know anything about loyalty. They pretend to be from the same party, but will throw their own under the bus in a heartbeat.

They will even throw the baby out with the bathwater.

And most of those who are disloyal are in the Congress. I’ve said it before; Trump really needs to “drain the swamp.” And considering those were our tax dollars that paid women off for House members’ sexual behavior, we have the right to know who those men were. Bet some of them are the very ones trying to keep Judge Moore out of the Senate.

One of the things said about Harvey Weinstein is that his deplorable behavior was an open secret, sort of like Bill Clinton’s sexual predilection. Everybody knew. In fact in the Black community, since they considered Bill to be a “Brother,” they would say that Bill had to be Black because “he slept with ugly white women.”

Bet Congress was an open secret too. Wonder how many were Black????