During the week of March 16, 2015, I wrote a piece for the South Florida Times entitled, “Obama’s Militarization of America” where I talked about how candidate Barack Obama said during his 2008 campaign for presidency of the United States (POTUS), that he would create a “Civilian National Security Force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the U.S. Military.”

You know the kind of thing dictators do – like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Kim Jung-un in North Korea.

I had hoped to enlist some discussion by some who had also heard about Obama’s Civilian National Security Force and was just as concerned.  However, just as other journalists who found little interest in their exposure of this little takeover by Obama, it was disheartening that nobody cared.  Had this little escapade been done by candidate or even President George Bush, the liberal mainstream media would have literally used all their resources to excoriate him.

But with Obama, they always give him a pass.  Whatever he does is all right with them, regardless of how reckless he is.

So sometime in 2013 while America wasn’t looking, Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ), that means Eric Holder, created COPS – Community Oriented Policing Services, gave it more than $14 billion to hire more than 125,000 police officers and deputies while providing “a variety of knowledge resources including publications, CDs, training, technical assistance, conferences, and webcasts,”  according to their website http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/Default.asp?Item=2459 .

I got a chance to see Ronald L. David, COPS Director, participating in a panel on Criminal Justice & Race, broadcast on CSPAN this weekend.  It seems that on December 18, 2014, also away from the public eye, President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

The final report was submitted on May 18, 2015.  So in less than 6 months a handful of people came up with a list of recommendations that will totally control the more than 18,000 separate law enforcement agencies across the nation.

The report is based on assumptions having to do with “infringement on individual rights” primarily of poor, black males, right after the well-publicized deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland.

These two deaths of young black males resulted in massive riots which caused destruction of numerous businesses and according to the Baltimore Sun, over $20 million in lost revenue to the City of Baltimore.  While the destruction of these businesses were caused by mostly young black males, President Obama and the mainstream media as well as various community organizations and black preachers are only concerned about the deaths of these young black men at the hands of white cops.

So the final report of the President’s Task Force focuses mainly on controlling cops.  I find it ironic that in the death of Michael Brown, who was shot immediately after committing a crime and assaulting the white cop who shot him, the DOJ under Eric Holder, found that the cop did not profile Brown and did not shoot him because he was black, but still indicted the entire police force in Ferguson and demanded that all the cops on the force undergo training.

Again, true to the instructions in “Rules for Radicals” by Obama’s mentor and community organizer, Saul Alinsky, (never let a crisis go to waste and create a common enemy for the community to rally against), Obama took the deaths of these black men at the hands of cops (including black cops in Baltimore) to be the springboard of his initiative to take total control of the law enforcement community without any community backlash.

And, as usual, he uses the black community to complete his mission. The sad part is that it is all based on lies and misinformation.  The DOJ’s very website belies his assumptions.  Table 6 reports 2,491 black murder victims, with only 189 at the hands of whites (mostly cops) and 2,217 by black males and 237 by black females.  One of the reports shows there were 3,005 white murder victims with 409 of them done by Blacks.

Bottom line, there were more murders of whites by blacks than blacks by whites (cops).  In fact there were more blacks murdered by black females than by white cops.

So why is there a Presidential Task Force changing the way over 18,000 law enforcement agencies conduct business?  If the entire assumption is that there is an epidemic of cops killing black men, where is the evidence?

One would think that if the President wanted black men to stop being murdered, then going after cops would be the last thing on his mind.  But he is using this to take over the law enforcement agencies and nobody is stopping him.  In fact, all the civil rights organizations and the black preachers are helping him based on lies and misinformation.

Reminds me of the phrase “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” that was supposed to be Michael Browns’ last actions.  NEVER EVEN HAPPENED.  But it was used by community organizers to rally the troops.

Baltimore is experiencing an epidemic of murders of blacks by blacks – more in the last month than in the last few years – all because cops are afraid of being indicted for doing their jobs.

What happens when Obama controls all of the police forces? Do you want to live in a country run like Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea?

Lord, help us all.

Barbara Howard is a political consultant, radio host and commentator and motivational speaker. She is Florida State chairwoman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and Trade & Travel goodwill ambassador to Kenya. She may be reached at bhoward11@bellsouth.net.