So the Democrats and their partners-incrime, the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) spend all their time disparaging the Republican presidential candidates, especially Donald Trump, while their own house is burning down. Take Hillary Clinton, for instance, who the Democrats have been trying to anoint to the White House since 2008, then sat with their thumbs twiddling while a little-known firsttime Senator sneaked up and stole the nomination from her at the Democratic Convention.

Now a career politician and avowed Socialist is close to knocking her out again. A Socialist, in a country built on Democratic principles and capitalistic competition, has become the favorite of young and white liberals, who seem to have forgotten why every other person from around the globe will go so far as to risk their lives trying to come to America. But back to Hillary, whose main claim to fame is that she wants to be the first female POTUS. This is the same woman who was called a racist just eight years ago when President Barack Hussein Obama was running against her.

Obama played the race card against her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, the same man who had been crowned “The First Black President” and black folk went for the Okey-Doke. Now she is no longer the racist, but has turned that title over to Donald Trump, just because he said he would close the borders to the over 30,000 Syrian Muslim refugees running from ISIS that Obama wants to bring into the U.S., without determining which ones are NOT radical Islamic terrorists.

And we can’t forget that Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S./Mexican border to keep out all the Mexican/Hispanic drug dealers, drug mules, dangerous gangs and other miscellaneous thugs from streaming in along with the South American refugees that Obama has allowed in, again without determining who’s who. I find it odd that Obama and his V.P., Joe Biden, don’t hesitate to call Republicans racists and other derogatory names, like terrorists, especially during election season, but can’t bring themselves to call ISIS. Remember that during the 2012 election Joe Biden told a crowd of African-Americans, that if Mitt Romney was elected POTUS, Republicans would “put ya’ll back in chains.”

He neglected to mention that it was mostly Democrats who had black folk in chains. Last week, March 20th, Obama took a trip to Cuba and hung out with Raul Castro. While the black Cubans reveled in his visit, the blacks here in America pontificated about how Obama’s visit would help bring freedom to the poor blacks there. AP reporter Michael Weissenstein wrote (March 20, 2016) that Obama’s visit was “a source of pride and inspiration…a hope that (he would) help end lingering prejudice and inequality.”

But isn’t that what the Castro boys were supposed to do when they took over the island, killed off capitalism and brought in Socialism? To make matters worse, this week (March 28th) CNN reported that Fidel Castro blasted Obama’s visit in a full-page column, entitled “Brother Obama,” printed in the Cuban communist paper, Granma, saying “Cuba didn’t need the empire to give us anything.”

The real irony is that when Donald Trump held an event in Chicago, Obama’s hometown and the crime capital of North America, dozens of protestors disrupted the event, creating havoc and starting fights. Trump had to cancel the event, in violation of his First Amendment Rights. These were all organizations paid for by ultra-liberal Socialist and Obama friend, George Soros (Black Lives Matter,, the Occupy movement, etc.), yet the liberal mainstream media blamed Trump’s people for the violence.

These are the same people who assaulted police and first responders in Ferguson, Missouri, blocked traffic in New York and D.C., and set up residency in parks across from Wall Street and in Oakland, defecating and urinating in public, raping and assaulting the women in the tent cities they had formed, etc. And now they were following Donald Trump around because Democrats accused him of being a racist. So Democrats don’t want black folk to vote for Trump because he’s a racist, but they want them to vote for Hillary Clinton, who was a racist in 2008, but is not a racist in 2016. Will somebody please tell me how that works!