As U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller bumbled, mumbled, and stumbled his way through the U.S. House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee hearings, Democrats sang a continual chorus, “No one is above the law.”

How self-serving, arrogant, pompous, and hypocritical.

They had the gall to tell America that no one is above the law when they and their colleagues — including many of the 2020 presidential aspirants and House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, DCalif., continuously make exceptions for political favorites.

The American people are not stupid. Americans know hypocrisy and selective morality when they see it.

They watch these Democrats and their fellow media sycophants slither through the Washington, D.C. swamp in a futile attemp to drown President Trump’s effort to drain their reptilian infested habitat.

They forget that the average American, of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, is not as naïve as they assume.

They know hypocrisy and arrogance when they see it.

Democrats and their media cohorts say no one is above the law except, to name a few:

• Hillary Clinton who destroyed thousands of emails on her private server.

• Illegal immigrants, including criminals, who are protected in sanctuary cities and given instructions on how to resist arrest by Immigrations Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents.

• Migrants crossing borders in violation of immigration laws including cartel traffickers of women and children.

• Antifa terrorists who violently attack conservatives while Democrat leaders remain silent and have no problem with apparent “stand down” orders to the police. • Thugs who attacks police in New York.

In these cases, and others too numerous to mention, Democrats and the major media have a different standard: “if you are with us, just pick the laws you do not want to obey and we will defend you.”

They’re doing to the term “no one is above the law” what I have said in this space they were doing to the word “racism” — making it a virtually meaningless cliché.

For example, after President Trump’s awkwardly phrased tweet telling four non-white congresswomen to basically go back to where they came from, there was a bipartisan avalanche of condemnation calling him a racist.

I doubt that none of those calling Trump a racist have ever attacked Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, who was the 28th president of the United States from 1913-1921. Wilson was the real deal when it came to racism.

He oversaw unprecedented segregation in federal offices and had a special screening of the D.W Griffith film “Birth of a Nation.” The movie “glorified” the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) as “valiant saviors” of the post-civil war South “ravaged by Northern carpetbaggers and immoral freed blacks” and helped “rekindle the KKK.”

In all of the progressive efforts to abolish confederate symbols, names and monuments as relics of slavery and racism, I do not recall any movement by those on the left to change the name of the “Woodrow Wilson Fellowship” or remove his name from buildings or schools at Princeton University where he served as its 13th president as did a group of Princeton students in 2015.

Trump hatred syndrome has also finally reached presidential historian Jon Meacham who recently said that Trump had joined slavery-era Andrew Johnson as the “most racist president in American history.”

If this “presidential historian” doesn’t consider Wilson to be one of the most racist presidents, I guess the word is already a cliché, and “No one is above the law” may soon follow.

Clarence V. McKee is president of McKee Communications, Inc., a government, political, and media relations consulting firm in Florida.