“Here, a story like mine is possible,” says Lauren Underwood. “A regular middle-class woman working full-time is able to figure out how to get on the ballot, walk around knock on doors, get signatures, and ends up winning an election. That story is not possible in every country. It’s possible here,” says Lauren Underwood a black woman, new representative of Illinois’s 14th district.

American Democracy is a system with checks and balances, and strives to be a more perfect union after each election.

There are times when it makes mistakes, and people cheat, but it was created for “We the People.”

Every vote must be counted in the 2018 election, and it may take weeks of recounts, but honesty and integrity is the foundation that the voting system is built on. There is something that is wrong with a system, when there are not enough machines to accommodate the location, and they keep breaking down the day of the election. Corruption is a reality in the system, and many leaders will break laws with fraudulent practices, and wrong on so many levels.

Yet, women, after the Trump inauguration had the biggest single-day protest in American history and started a movement that transformed American politics in two years. All kinds of diverse women from young, white, black, Hispanic, married, and single created a nationwide local grassroots movement that energized Democratic women everywhere.

When women are determined to win and transform a country, nothing is more powerful, because it comes from their heart. Women started working after the protest, and the results are products of their determination.

Over 400 local legislatures across the country changed political offices from red to blue, and over 25 Democratic women will be heading to Congress for the first time. This is a historic achievement in American political history, and votes are still being counted.

Flipping the House from red to blue in 2018 was a great big deal, and it all started with women. Now the Democrats have control of the House of Representatives and it comes with significant political power and prestige. They now have the ability to subpoena the president, to control committees and provide a check on the Republican agenda.

New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who will now become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, issued a statement a couple of days ago declaring that, “the American people have demanded accountability from their government and sent a clear message of what they want from Congress. President Donald Trump may not like it, but he and his administration will be held accountable to the laws and to the American people.”

Without a doubt, the Democrats will no longer look the other way as laws are broken, and the rule of law is not enforced.

Things are getting ready to change in the House, and the power of the subpoena will put President Trump in check and the complicity with high crimes and misdemeanors should end.

The Democrats in the House will take over the chair ship in 21 committees, with Rep. Elijah Cumming heading the most powerful committee, “The Oversight and Government Reform Committee.” This committee oversees government operations, health care, information, technology, national security, and intergovernmental affairs.

The Democrats will also have the power to reject or approve any legislation or bills President Trump puts forward, and control of all budgets. With the power of the chair-ships the Democrats can probe and the president’s hands are tied, because of the power of the subpoena, and the power of numbers.

Somebody said in Washington, it is time to do the “happy dance.” Let’s now wait and see if the work of and for the people will be carried out.

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