There are 350,000 guns owned by citizens in America, and the majority of the owners are white. This is a statistical fact, and the majority of police in America are white, and they carry a gun every day. Last week was a bad week in the courts for black men, because two policemen, one in North Carolina and one in South Carolina will probably not be charged for killing a black man.

There is nothing new in the court system, because the majority of police get off when a black man is killed in the line of duty. In Charlotte Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot by officer Brently Vinson for stepping out of his SUV allegedly with a gun in his hand. The Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray said, “I’m extremely convinced that Mr. Vinson’s use of deadly force was lawful.” There was no video from the police that collaborated this allegation and Scott’s mother, and wife claims that he was reading a book. Murray said that Scott bought the stolen gun 18 days before the confrontation with police. The case has been thrown out of court, and the policeman is a free man.

In Charleston, South Carolina, Officer Michael Slager was charged with murder in the shooting death of Walter Scott, when he fled, after a traffic stop. In this case there was a cell phone video from an individual going to work. Based on the cell phone video, it appeared that the officer shot Mr. Scott in his back as the suspect was fleeing from the policeman.

Last Friday, the jury (11 Whites and 1 Black Man) told Judge Clifton Newman that they could not come to a unanimous decision, therefore there was a hung jury. The judge asked the jury to go back and deliberate further, but in all probability the defendant will be acquitted. To many blacks according to the video, it appeared that the officer shot this black man in cold blood, but the story has been enhanced.

It now appears that the Mr. Scott was fighting the officer over his taser and got control, and pointed it at Mr. Slager. At this point, Officer Slager feared for his life, and he begins shooting, and Mr. Scott was killed.

”Every 28 hours a black or minority individual is shot by the police or someone in a uniform with a gun,” says the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. There are many political experts who believe the study is not accurate, but no organization or political group has done research on the subject.

Last week, an ex-NFL running back Joe McKnight was shot by a 54 year-old white man Ronald Gasser in a road rage incident. Jefferson Paris Sheriff Newell Normand told reporters that Mr. Gasser admitted he shot the (black man), Mr. McKnight, and has been released and not charged.

According to Sheriff Normand, there were no indications the shooting was a hate crime. “Everyone wants to make this about race. This is not about race,” says Normand.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has recorded more than 400 incidents of harassment and hate in the first six days since Donald Trump won the election. The American justice system has failed the black community with President Obama, and with President-Elect Trump, black men will be killed on the street or put in jail.

Since the Republicans control the power in the federal government and 33 governorships, the conservatives on the right make the laws and decisions. America has made a right turn and there is no turning back.

There is an implosion in the black community, and there will be a systemic criminalization of all black men. With the right in power, the inner cities will become police states, and more Gestapo tactics will be enforced.

There is a need for more police accountability and community police boards in our communities. The right can only abuse our community with police brutality, because we have no plan, no organization and we refuse to challenge the systematic failure of America.