Many Americans won’t admit it, even more probably don’t see it, but the truth is that we have launched the final phase of the American Revolution. It could not have been avoided. It was destined to happen. It is slavery, America’s tragic flaw and the producer of unparalleled greed that is the cause of it. Slavery eventually brought the Civil War and the double-cross to black freedom that Reconstruction became. Then America instituted the draconian Black Codes followed by murderous Jim Crow.

Segregation and other forms of discrimination, buttressed with police brutality, have upgraded Jim Crow. America no longer lynches black people with a rope from a tree. Instead, President Bill (“Slick Willie”) Clinton, former governor of Arkansas, instituted “The Crime Bill” that has devastated black America with rabid incarceration. (And, strangely, “Slick Willie” got the Congregational Black Caucus, Civil Rights Leaders and Black Clergy to support the bill’s passage and its eugenic consequence.)

As we approach the eve of Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the Democratic Party nominee for POTUS, be mindful that she has made but one type of promise to the huge black constituency she was given on a silver platter by America’s black, excuse me, Negro leadership. All Hillary has promised is “I will do the best that I can . . .” The all-in gamble is only winnable with a good hand. They let Hillary be the dealer? Are they nuts?

But look out, there is another player at the table, a patient one, too. Long game playing Bernie Sanders has an inexhaustible source of funds and plays his chips well. Hillary could almost double Bernie in delegates and Bernie can still compete, all the way to the Democratic Party Convention. At any time up to the convention, Bernie could announce that he would run in the             November 8th general election as an Independent. Such a move would make Hillary’s delegate count null and void — utterly useless.

Bernie is calling for a political revolution on the left and Trump is bringing white nationalists out on the right calling for America to be great again. It is difficult for Bernie to get significant numbers of black troops at this time because of Hillary and the fact that he is from Vermont and never had even a minority black constituency. However, his record does not include any involvement with

right-wing Republican conservatives.

What has not been brought out about Hillary is her family’s history as right-wing Republican conservatives in the Chicago all-white suburbs where she grew up. Hillary’s father was an activist white nationalist and the family household was extremely political. As a teenager in 1964, Hillary campaigned door-to-door for right-wing Republican Barry Goldwater for POTUS! You can bet that she gets along with white nationalists on the Republican side as she does those on the Democratic side.

Donald Trump has got the white loser of America’s economic and political systems awake and ready for some action. The white working-class, especially white men, many of whom are factory workers, machinists, technicians, etc., have finally been called to order. Unfortunately, black and white workers have foolishly not been on the same side, primarily because of white nationalism and sparse mobilizing skills among black leaders.

Trump is speaking to them and for them and in a language they understand. White women are with him along with their husbands, fathers, brothers and a lot of grandfathers are also with Trump. One lady said of Trump to a TV reporter, “He says what I am thinking.” Like most white working-class people, that lady is thinking enough of the crap, let’s change this system. Trump is spot-on when blasting the Washington politicians and bureaucrats for doing nothing and getting away with it.

The lesson with Trump and Bernie is this: It’s coming at us from the left and the right and it is absolutely unavoidable. Get aboard and hang-on for the rough ride ahead. Change is coming, some will like some and some will like none. Whoever becomes the next POTUS will catch hell. Down the road, black people are going to add some Black Nationalism to the fold, and then we’ll have a righteous revolution!