The Donald, who I will hereafter refer to by his original family name “Drumpf,” is at it again! In a town hall hosted by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Drumpf was taken to task on the subject of abortion. You see, he was once pro-choice, but now that he’s a Republican, he’s pro-life. To satisfy the Republican base, which has been eating vitriol out of his hand like a starving stray, he has to be.

Matthews asked a question that we all probably assumed had been asked before, but which apparently has never been clearly answered. If abortion is a crime, then it should be illegal for a woman to control what happens inside her own body. Should women be punished for perpetration and what should their punishment be? It seems that Matthews opened a can of worms that few in the GOP were

prepared to address in detail. Much like their imaginary replacement for Obamacare.

Drumpf said yes, women must be punished. He didn’t know how exactly, but they must be punished. And no, the man who impregnated the woman would have no culpability in the situation.

There was immediate backlash from both the left and the right. Apparently, although we know this is what GOP members probably all think, no one is meant to say it aloud. Drumpf has never been held to politically correct standards before. I’m not sure why they think he would be now.

What continues to surprise is that we still don’t know the correct right wing answer about who or how to penalize. They could punish the doctor performing the operation, akin to taking down a drug dealer feeding the habits of the indigent. The indigent pregnant woman though, instigator of this illegal act, should not be held criminally accountable. That would just be cruel!

Maybe Drumpf is taking the flack for what his party at large is afraid to say but the reality is, if men were being told how their health, bodies, work and life balance should be impacted for a minimum of nine months and a maximum of their whole lives, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

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