As a Black American, I never took the time to really educate myself on who the individuals were on many of the statues in parks, and prominent places in various cities throughout the U.S. I never got upset, or angry about many symbols that White people identified as culture, and as their heroes.

But in Charlottesville, Virginia, I began to understand what many of these individuals represented, and I am appalled. All statues that represent symbols of hatred should be removed.

But Trump has a different opinion of what confederate statues, and symbols of hate represent.

In tweets Trump argued, ”history and culture of our great country is being ripped apart by the removal of beautiful statues.” He referenced efforts to remove monuments to Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson because of their fighting against the United States for slave-owning states in the Civil War. “Who’s next, Washington, Jefferson?” he asked; “So foolish!”

Many Americans who are racist in their thinking don’t believe they are racist.

White people who give monthly donations to starving children in Africa, and go to church every Sunday could never be considered racist. But the majority understands why their relatives believe in the symbol “Fourteen Words,” or simply 14.

Fourteen Words is a reference to a White supremacist slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” It can be used to refer to a different 14 word slogan; “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth,” says Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In Trump’s world, Steve Bannon is not racist, even though he is the creator of the administration’s White nationalist platform and an alt-right sympathizer. Since a large number of Trump’s White core supporters believe in taking their country back, they refuse to accept diversity. They live in predominantly White communities in fear that soon people of color and immigrants will live next door.

In the upcoming months, there will be more White nationalist rallies because President Trump has given his blessings to supporters of hate. Instead of Trump working to bring unity to America, he is increasing the divide with hateful rhetoric, and blaming both sides in the Charlottesville violence.

Anytime the president is supporting symbols of hate, his thinking is demented and just plain dumb.

In the last seven months, Trump’s administration has been a revolving door, and the list continues to grow. If the president is so good at picking the right person for a job, why are so many brilliant minds continuously leaving his administration in such a short period of time?

Some team members have been fired, and others have resigned. Certain high level members’ tenure in this revolving door has lasted 10 days, and some have lasted up to seven months.

At the top of the high powered list is Steven Bannon, White House Chief Strategist. Bannon was fired on August 18, 2017, and many thought of him as racist, and an embarrassment to all Americans. Before that was Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted 10 days as White House Communications Director, and used profanity when talking to the media. Reince Priebus, a supporter of Trump from the days of his campaign, left his position as White House Chief of Staff mad and angry.

In the words of the Saturday Night Live writers, “Spicey out.” Sean Spicer resigned as Press Secretary on July 21, and was always fighting the press. Michael Dubke resigned as White House Communications Director, and Walter M. Shaub resigned as Director of Office of Government Ethics.

Just weeks after Trump settled into office, White House National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn was caught lying, and was fired. Each week someone is leaving office, and Trump appears to enjoy this mass confusion, and telling people they are fired.

Finally, James Comey, Director of FBI was fired on May 9, and many in the media saw it coming. When the question is asked who is the dumbest in the Trump administration, remember … it starts from the top down.