letter-to-the-editor_web.jpgTo the Editor:

I read Al Calloway’s interesting commentary on June 7 (Fearful people, what are we doing?) about the desperate need to mobilize the black vote and could not agree more.

I share his frustration, having tried to approach my friend who frequents a Baptist church I attended in the distant past, with Rev. Victor Curry here in Miami. I have had scant luck trying to volunteer my time to organize and mobilize. It seems that so many people believe, especially after the last stolen election in Bush vs Gore,  that there are too many forces at work to thwart the vote to even bother.

When I hear the rampant hate for our esteemed President Barack Obama, I can barely control the anger I feel towards such abject and destructive ignorance. When our community seems to throw up their hands in resignation, I feel hopeless.

I have had my share of political activity trying to motivate the minority vote in the past and I'll tell you one thing: Unless these talented young rappers make political statements more significant than the pointless “vote or die” campaign, these white supremacists will be the death of us all.

These young kids listen to the young performers. Sometimes I want to grab Lil' Wayne, Dywane Wade and Lebron James by the ear and beg them to be more vocal to our young black men and women who need to understand that we are so much more than entertainers and sports stars.

Boy, do I miss Muhammad Ali! He cared more about self-respect than self-promoting and, in any event, I wish these stars would see the legendary status they would get if they step out of their comfort zone. After all, how many millions from product promotions do they need?

Mr. Calloway put a voice to how I have felt for so long and I feel relief that I was not just some crazy Latin lady wishing my African-American brothers and sisters would not give up hope.

Please do not give up. I listen to all kinds of radio and those white evangelical racists spewing their vitriolic hate are not giving up.

The black vote is our nations only hope.