I used to be a Liberal and a registered Democrat. However, over 20 years ago, I finally got enough of the hypocrisy and lies. I ran away from the plantation and became a runaway slave, like my maternal great grandfather.

Since I have become a registered Republican, I have seen so many instances of blatant idiocy from the Left. Most recently it has moved into the Church. In the 2012 Democratic convention, they removed every instance of God out of their platform. That is until there was a backlash from the general public, then they put God back in.

Then in the 2018 Easter season (according to The Blaze), there was a CNN article that said the Easter or Resurrection story was a “#MeToo” movement story, because of Mary Magdalene. In all my years of being a devout Catholic and now a Missionary Baptist, I have never heard Mary Magdalene portrayed as this article portrayed her in order for her to have been a part of the “#MeToo” movement.

I continue to be amazed at how far the Left will go. I then read another piece in the Blaze (April 12, 2018), where Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal said she wanted President Donald Trump assassinated.

She further said there was “no difference between white Democrats and Republicans” and “neither one of them give a heck about the black community, only the votes.” She also called for reparations for former slaves and wanted US Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) to push for reparations, but said the people in her district see McCaskill as a Republican. LOL! McCaskill called for her to resign.

But one of the most egregious displays of arrogance on the Left was this Memorial Day weekend when Marjory Stoneman Douglas students called for a “Die In” at a Publix super market. Led by Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg, who has become the face of the resistance after the Valentine’s Day massacre in the school, these students targeted Publix because Publix had given a sizeable campaign contribution to Republican candidate for Florida Governor, Adam Putnam.

Why did Publix contribution to Adam Putnam enrage the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas Valentine’s Day massacre, instead of them focusing on the actions of the deranged gunman Nikolas Cruz, one of their fellow students?

Because Putnam is a proud supporter of the NRA and a Republican. As I wrote several weeks ago, immediately after Cruz shot and killed 17 fellow classmates and teachers and wounded 17 others, several Liberal organizations descended upon Parkland and began to indoctrinate the students and train them to become activists against the NRA and Republican politicians.

The “#MarchForOurLives” movement has targeted primarily those state and federal politicians who are Republicans and therefore supporters of the NRA. One of the signs the students carried read “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID…BUT YOU CAN VOTE IT OUT!”

Saturday as I watched David Hogg direct the “Die In,” I watched his face contort as he shook his finger at the camera, supposedly at Publix, Putnam and all NRA supporters, I realized that the Democrats in those organizations that are training these students to be young activists, are creating little angry monsters.

We teach our children, including our teenagers, to be respectful of adults, but these people are teaching these teenagers to be disrespectful of all adults who do not adhere to their liberal philosophy.

Since an angry teenager and student of Stoneman Douglas High School murdered 17 fellow students and teachers with an “assault” rifle, these Liberals have used these students to target the NRA and Republicans in order to take over the Congress and take over the power of our government.

We must remember, in the face of these senseless mass murders in schools as well as in Vegas, that not one member of the NRA has murdered anybody. None of these murderers were members of the NRA, so the NRA is being unfairly targeted.

Rachel Epstein, a 2013 graduate from Marjory Stoneman Douglas and now assistant editor at MarieClaire.com wrote an article entitled “The Fight for Their Lives.”

One of the Stoneman Douglas female students sucked into the Liberal movement said, “this is a gun issue and a woman’s issue.” Another said her dad put up hurricane shutters on her windows because “he’s scared someone is going to shoot me because we’re going against the NRA.”

Seriously???? The NRA hasn’t shot anybody. As I said right after these students first started speaking out, they are being used by unethical Liberals to put Democrats into office during the 2018-midterm elections. I’m not afraid of the NRA, I’m afraid of Liberals gone wild.