America’s recent spate of mass killings, all with guns and mostly by young white people, says everything about this society that many citizens don’t want to see or talk about. As a whole, though, white America is scared, real scared, because nothing can hide that awful reality: America is falling apart!

So, as usual, many white people tend to cast blame at black people and/or immigrants of color for their woes. Black-on black violence destabilizes society, for example. Well, here’s a thought: since most so-called black-on black-shootings remain unsolved, how certain can we be that black folks are doing all the shooting? Who else has unbridled access to black neighborhoods on a 24-hour basis? Hmm!

Internet access reveals truths heretofore hidden, distorted and omitted. Young people spend more time online than other groups, but even many seniors have found their way to the technology. So information is at hand in moments. That access has begun to change what reality was thought to be and may become. Dynamics of innovation impact every aspect of society in manifold ways.

For many white kids and adults, internet access afforded their first look at white police gang violence perpetrated against a black person. They also actually watched a white policeman shoot a black man in the back several times and then throw a spare gun down as proof that the now dead man “he had a gun” could possibly had shot his murderer. Kids ask their parents how can that be, and, for the most part, they are lied to as their parents uphold white law enforcement.

What we see falling are crumbling pieces of American society as young white people who are consistently lied to, who are fed materialistic goodies as failed love, react to a future of war, death and destruction through selfishness, hate and greed. Blacks and other people of color live under negative pressures, but with hope strive to survive for a better day is coming. Black people believe that “this too shall pass.”

What brings a yet young America so quickly to this entropy is its original design as a democratic plutocracy that its oligarchic framers intended would only include Western Europeans and African slaves. Later immigrants included themselves under The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and The Constitution. And so the big lie or contradiction took root and everybody in America united under the illusion that “our”nation is a “democratic republic.”

But the plutocrats have increased in number and have always been in control. And there have been many so-called advanced civilizations in history that have collapsed before America’s impending demise. Can America be stopped from killing itself? For much of the 18th century, France was a great superpower in the world. France held territories abroad and stayed at war. The government spent money lavishly and incurred enormous debt, ultimately the economy tanked amid internal strife, including civil war and genocide.

Societal collapse or entropy occurs through not being able to sustain consumption and allocation of resources. Elites think that as long as they have resources all is well. They fail to comprehend that like locusts, a hungry human horde will not stop coming. Poor and near poor Americans are continually adjusting to being able to purchase less and less with the same dollars. Diets are about survival not balanced nutrition which creates a greater demand for unaffordable health care.

Natural environmental changes and those that are due to human activity play a complimentary role with political and economic dynamics, such as denial and inactivity. Young people tend to register more sensitivity for conservation and environmental justice issues, but see doom for their generation – there will be nothing left for them if they do survive.

So understand the anger and frustration, the disillusionment and fear coming from young white America. They are scared to death! Great anxiety in some unleashes deadly behaviors including suicides and mass killings.

“While some members of society might raise the alarm that the system is moving towards an impending collapse and therefore advocate structural changes to society in order to avoid it, Elites and their supporters, who opposed making these changes, could point to the long sustainable trajectory ‘so far’ in support of doing nothing.” – NASA-funded study, quoted from The Guardian.